Marché Dix Jour in Kannai, Kanagawa

Marché Dix Jour Front

Kannai is well known for its plethora of craft beer bars, though it doesn’t have too many places to actual buy any beers to be drunk out and about in Yokohama or to be taken home. It’s a shame, as there are lots of lovely areas in the vicinity of Kannai to relax and drink in. Moreover, you can also …


Goto Jozo in Kyodo, Tokyo

Goto Jozo Front

Goto Jozo The Bottom Line If you’re in the area, then it’s worth popping into Goto Jozo for a couple of standing beers. But there in lies the problems with Goto Jozo – it’s a nice little place but the atmosphere is more conducive for a quick beer or two then leave. If there was seating then I would recommend Goto …

Gotsubo in Ikebukuro, Tokyo

Gotsubo Front

Gotsubo The Bottom Line What Gotsubo lacks in space and extensive tap list, it makes up in atmosphere and is perhaps one of the most charismatic little bars in Japan I’ve come across. The tap list is solid, with Shiga Kogen beers on tap, and the whole place is non-smoking and standing. If you’re in the area and want a well-poured …