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Hitachino Nest Marunouchi in Tokyo, Tokyo

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Hitachino Nest Marunouchi : The Bottom Line

If are in need of a quick craft beer in Tokyo station, then you’ve got a couple of choices really but Hitachino Nest Marunouchi is only worth going if you’re literally in the area during happy hour, else just go to the Hitachino Nest Brewing Lab Tokyo Station branch on the other side for a more sedate and relaxing time. Hitachino Nest Marunouchi has all of the Hitachino Nest regular beers on tap, though lacks the limited and special editions that larger branches offer.

Hitachino Nest Marunouchi : The Full Review

I was in the general vicinity of Tokyo station and wanted to get from one side to the other, but alas the central exit was closed so off to the Marunouchi entrance I went, which also meant time for a quick beer in Hitachino Nest Marunouchi as it’s right at the gates. Well, perhaps a 15 second walk but I couldn’t not go in, could I? Hitachino Nest have long been stalwarts of craft beer in Japan, and while they are not exciting or really innovative as they once were, they do make some good, solid craft beer.

Hitachino Nest Marunouchi is the fourth bar in the Tokyo area, after Hitachino Brewing Lab in Akihabara, the aforementioned Hitachino Nest Brewing Lab Tokyo Station, and the Shinagawa branch that was meant to be temporary but has done so well, it is not permanent. This branch opened in August 2020 with the aim of getting the business crowd who use the Marunouchi gates.

Hitachino Nest Marunouchi : Atmosphere & Interior

Having been to the Hitachino Nest Brewing Lab Tokyo Station numerous times when I’ve been in the area, I was a little disappointed with Hitachino Nest Marunouchi but it is what it is – a quick little stop off for people to have a beer or two with some snacks while waiting for a train. There is some seating for around 20 people, with some standing tables for another 10, great if you’re in a rush.


There was some free wifi in Hitachino Nest Marunouchi and because of the general design, it is also non-smoking and has no table charge.

Hitachino Nest Marunouchi : Beer & Tap Information

Unsurprisingly, Hitachino Nest Marunouchi only has beers and drinks from Kiuchi Brewery – not a surprise there, but it’s really only their regular beers that they have on tap. Still, there are 10 taps of craft beer on, with a decent range of styles available. The beers come in two sizes: regular (270 ml) from 750 yen, and large (470 ml) from 980 yen, with those prices including tax. There is also a 3 beer tasting set for 1,080 with three 100 ml servings – quite expensive for what you get really. Instead go for the happy hour which gets you about 100 yen off your beers until 5pm. In spite of Hitachino Nest Marunouchi having a plethora of beers, I was most surprised that there wasn’t any place to get some takeaway bottles or cans.

Hitachino Nest Marunouchi : Food Information

There’s a fair bit of food on at Hitachino Nest Marunouchi, though most of it is finger food and just a few side dishes. I wasn’t in the mood to eat but you can see by menu there are options for vegetarians as well as having the menu in English too.

Hitachino Nest Marunouchi : Details

Hitachino Nest Marunouchi : Location

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