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Kiuchi Brewery Information

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Kiuchi Brewery

Kiuchi Brewery is located in Naka, Ibaraki and has been brewing alcoholic beverages since 1823. Kiuchi Brewery started out brewing sake and shochu; however, they moved over to producing beer in 1996 due to the change in licensing laws, founding Hitachino Nest beers. Kiuchi Brewery were one of the first Japanese breweries to use European techniques, such as using barrels used in wine or whisky production, to add flavour their beers.

Kiuchi Brewery Line Up:

The following are part of the all year round lineup

Kiuchi Brewery Seasonal and Limited Edition Lineup

The following are part of their seasonal and limited edition lineup

Kiuchi Brewery Information

Address: 311-0133 Ibaragi-ken, Naka-shi, Kounosu 1257


Phone: 029-298-0105

Website: http://hitachino.cc/en/

Online Store: http://kodawari.cc/shop/html/

SNS: Facebook / Twitter

Kiuchi Brewery Articles

The following are a list of articles about Kiuchi Brewery

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