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Humans Beer in Manazuru, Kanagawa

by Rob
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Humans Beer : The Bottom Line

I went to Humans Beer before the taproom opened but still enjoyed myself and you will do too. The atmosphere is relaxing and the staff friendly, but more importantly, the beers are good. Just make sure you take some snacks with you as there is nothing in the area, besides a small park. And if you get thirst, make sure you get some bottles to take home or to drink on the train. Just make sure you don’t get lost on the way back like I did and end up walking through people’s back gardens.

Humans Beer : The Full Review

I wasn’t planning on going to Humans Beer to drink, but after sending them a message on Facebook and finding out that their drinking space was going to be open for a bit longer, I decided to change plans and head on over to Humans Beer from Ito thinking I could make it in time for a couple of cold beers before heading over to the next stop.

Humans Beer started operations in October 2021, though it’s only been since early 2022 that they have offered a small drinking area at their brewery, which is located near Manazuru station, right on the South West cusp of Kanagawa. It’s about a 10 minute walk down hill from Manazuru Station on the JR Tokaido line, but it will probably end up being a bit longer on the way back.

Humans Beer : Atmosphere & Interior

At the time of writing, the drinking area for Humans Beer was a nice comfy little set up of patio chairs in a covered drinking area, right next to the bottle shop. While the busy Route 135 does run past the place, it is hidden by lots of vegetation and, funnily enough, a small park that was being tended to on the day I went, so yes, you could stop here after a day out in Izu, and then let the kids run around in the park while you have a beer – as long as you have someone else driving.


There is space for about 20 people at various tables dotted around the covered area, though there are plans to open a taproom on the third floor of the building. It’s unknown at the time of writing when the taproom will open but when it does, you should expect some great views of Sagami Bay. There is no table charge and the whole place is non-smoking as well. I didn’t check for wifi though as I was too busy talking to the head brewer, Gary, when I was there.

Humans Beer : Beer & Tap Information

It can not be stressed enough I think to mention that there was no taps on when I went to Humans Beer though that should be changed the next time we go. However, there were bottles of their beers that were available to either drink or takeaway. If you did drink in-store, then rest assured that there was no corkage fee, nor were the prices any different than getting takeaway beers.

Humans Beer : Food Information

There wasn’t any so bring your own food along but make sure you take the rubbish home with you.

Humans Beer : Details

Humans Beer : Location

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