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Coffee and Beer &9 in Yokohama, Kanagawa

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Coffee and Beer &9 The Bottom Line

If you’re in transit going through Yokohama station and don’t want to leave through the gates to get somewhere better, then Coffee and Beer &9 in Yokohama is your only choice. It’s got a decent range of craft beer on tap, with some cheap beers too with some nice little beer set options too, for those wanting to save some cash and get some food at the same time. The whole place is non-smoking, has no table charge, and also includes tax in all prices, along with some free WiFi with the details located around the bar. Perhaps the biggest downside to Coffee and Beer &9 in Yokohama is that there is very little English on the menus – enough to order a beer and some food mind but that is about it.

Coffee and Beer &9 The Full Review


Up until 2020, it seemed that Yokohama Station, and the area around it, had been under a constant state of redesign and rebuilding. However, it seems to have finally come to an end – right during the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic that hit. Thankfully though someone has taken notice of the craft beer market and taken the initiative to add some craft beer bars to those surrounding buildings, finally giving central Yokohama a few chances to increase the availability of craft beer.

Coffee and Beer &9 Atmosphere

Coffee and Beer &9 is the second in the &9 series of bars, with Boulevard cafe &9 being the first. As such, Coffee and Beer &9 is heavily themed around baseball, with the local Yokohama Baystars (I still refuse to add DeNA to the name) featuring heavily in the design of the bar.

With the renewal of the station, it has meant that new nooks and crannies have also opened up, with passageways between existing gates creating more space for shops. Coffee and Beer &9 is located in one of those new passageways, between the central and south gates. This does mean now that you can transfer between trains, and grab a beer and some food while waiting for the next train.

In terms of seating, there is enough seating for 42 people, with 12 people at counters, with 30 seats at tables around the bar. Moreover, as Coffee and Beer &9 is open from 7am, perhaps if you’re in holiday mode, some early drinking can be done too. The whole place is non-smoking and does not have a table charge either inside or outside.

Coffee and Beer &9 Approach to Covid-19

At the time of writing, due to Covid-19, the bar implements a strict social distancing policy. As such, there is half the number of seats available, with all staff wearing masks. There is plenty of hand sanitiser dotted around the bar for people to use.

Coffee and Beer &9 Taps & Beer Information

There are nine taps of beer at Coffee and Beer &9, with eight of the taps dedicated to domestic craft beer. Of those domestic craft beers, there’s a heavy leaning towards Bay Brewing and BayStar beers – both brewed by Yokohama Bay Brewing, with those beers also being the cheapest on the menu. Beers come in two sizes: half UK pint (280ml) from ¥570, and US pints (480m) from ¥820. There is also a beer tasting flight of Baystar Beers for ¥1,300 which gets you 3 x 180ml beers. Unfortunately, this beer flight offer is only available for the Baystar Beers only. The beers could do with being served a lot better, as I did get a lot of head on the beers that I had – so go for the standard request of a little bit of head.

Coffee and Beer &9 Food

In terms of food, there isn’t a lot on at Coffee and Beer &9 besides some smaller dishes; however, there are some good deals on if you’re in the mood for some beers and food. There aren’t many vegetarian options on menu besides some chips or cabbage; however, for ¥1,500, with all prices inclusive of tax, then you’ve got a very good deal there. The menus have just the basic amount of English on them – enough for the names to be read out, but the menus do have pictures on them.

Coffee and Beer &9 Details

How to Get to Coffee and Beer &9

The closest station to Coffee and Beer &9 is JR Yokohama Station. It’s located between the south gate and the central gate, in between the Yokosuka / Shonan Shinjuku Line and the Tokaido Line platforms.

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