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Nomi Nalu in Adachi, Tokyo

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Nomi Nalu The Bottom Line

What Nomi Nalu lacks in a wide range of craft beer, it makes up in a solid range of beers on tap along with some tasty burgers to boot as well. The main downside to getting to Nomi Nalu is the long walk, or cycle, need to get there from the closest station. The whole place is non-smoking and has no table charge either, while some working knowledge of Japanese is needed to ensure a smooth ordering of beers and burgers. The prices don’t include tax either so make sure you add on 10% to your bill.

Nomi Nalu Inside・ノミナル店内

Nomi Nalu The Full Review

Nomi Nalu came highly recommended to us from a reader and that recommendation was based on the strength of their beers and burgers – not chips mind, but burgers. And for a place that is in the middle of nowhere – well it’s not but seeing as where it is in Tokyo, it was a surprise to see how busy it was during the week.

Nomi Nalu is located about 15mins walk from both Kita-Ayase Station and also Kameari station too – so plenty of chance for you to burn off some of those calories you’re about to put on, or have put on. It’s set in a relatively quiet part of Adachi Ward in a residential area, but don’t let that fool you. There is space inside for about 30 people, with 6 people at the counter and another 24 people at various tables around the side of the bar. Nomi Nalu has very much a California-esque vibe going on, with surfboards and skateboards lining the walls of the bar. There is no table charge at Nomi Nalu and the whole place is non-smoking too.


Nomi Nalu Beer・ノミナルビール1

There isn’t much on offer in terms of beers at Nomi Nalu, with only three taps but all of them are craft beer, with a heavy leaning towards domestic, with the occasional imported on tap. The beers come in one size too of a glass of about 450ml from ¥920 and those prices don’t include tax. There aren’t any happy hour options or any beer flights on offer either so make sure you’ve got plenty of room in your belly for burgers and beer.

Nomi Nalu Food・ノミナルフード

The burgers are all freshly cooked to order, with a variety of toppings and a weekly special that changes. The burgers are smash burgers – balls of meat that are then smashed down on a flat top grill to char on one side before being flipped over to crust up on the other side – and come with a fairly decent side of chips too. Why the pickle wasn’t in the burger is beyond me, but there is a small group of people I guess in this world who do not want a pickle on their burger. That’s fine I guess – just don’t come to our BBQs.

Nomi Nalu Details

Open: Daily 11:30 – 15:00 (L.O Food 14:00 Drink 14:30) 18:00 – 23:00 (L.O. Food 21:00 Drink 22:30)

Closed: Tuesdays

Happy Hour: None

Phone: N/A

Homepage (in Japanese): N/A

Social Media: Facebook / Instagram / Twitter

How to get to Nomi Nalu

The closest stations to Nomi Nalu are Kita-Ayase [Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line] and JR Kameari [Joban Line]

Directions from Kita-Ayase Station

Directions from Kameari Station

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