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Kanei Shoten in Noge, Yokohama

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Kanei Shoten The Bottom Line

If you’re looking for something upmarket in Yokohama to have your craft beer and food, then get to Kanei Shoten, else give it a miss if you’re worried about the price. It’s far more upmarket than other places in the area and you’ll pay for it, but the fun, lively atmosphere, paired up with some decent beers on tap, and amazing food will be an experience to remember. Just make sure you ask for your beers to be topped up or ask for less head on the beers as the servings were on the large size. The whole place is non-smoking and is also suitable for vegetarians too. On the other hand, there is a table charge to pay and no English on the menu – though the master did make some effort to speak to us in English even when we had been talking in Japanese with him.

Kanei Shoten Inside・金井商店店内

Kanei Shoten The Full Review

Kanei Shoten opened in December 2018 – and has been such a draw that every time I’ve tried to get in, it’s been full up. In spite of this, and also because we were in the area, I got along BEFORE the bar opened at 6pm, stood in line for 10 minutes (the things we do at BeerTengoku!), and bagged a few seats. No sooner and we sat down in the bar, the master was turning people away – couples, some people with a baby, groups of drinkers. When we left about two hours later, we were the first group of drinkers to leave and our seats were taken before they had been given the chance to cool down.

Kanei Shoten is located about 5 minutes from JR Sakuragicho station in the busy strip that stretches from Sakuragicho to Hinodecho on the Keikyu Line. This area has so many craft beer bars now that someone opening here must either be either a) mad to try and compete or (b) offer something completely different to other places in the area. Kanei Shoten has space for about 20 people inside, all seated around a U-shape counter, and the whole bar is non-smoking. However, there is a table charge to pay – about ¥400 – which does get you a small bit of food.

Kanei Shoten Beer 1・金井商店ビール1Kanei Shoten Beer 2・金井商店ビール2Kanei Shoten Beer 3・金井商店ビール3

The tap list at Kanei Shoten isn’t as expansive as other places in the immediate area, with only six taps on – perhaps that’s enough for some people. One of the taps is dedicated to a macro lager, so your lager drinking buddies can come along for the food, while one tap is usually dedicated to an import beer. The beers come in two sizes: small at about 200ml for ¥580 and medium at about 400ml for ¥980. These prices don’t include tax and also make sure to ask for little head, else you will end up with like something above. There is no happy hour nor any beer flights on at Kanei Shoten – nor can you get beers to take away either.

Kanei Shoten Food 1・金井商店フード1Kanei Shoten Food 2・金井商店フード2Kanei Shoten Food 3・金井商店フード3

If you’re looking for a bar with plenty of vegetarian AND meat options, then Kanei Shoten is perfect for you. While the prices are on the high side, the variety and choices are top-notch and left us wanting more. The portions are on the small side so you may end up paying for a lot of food, but it is tasty. Like other places in the area, Kanei Shoten tries to use locally sourced meats and produce where possible, with most of the food being prepared on site, so you may face a little bit of a wait for your order. Make sure though you can read Japanese or don’t mind a guessing game as to what you’re ordering though as there was no English anywhere to be found on the menus.

Kanei Shoten Details

Open: Daily 18:00 – 24:00

Close: Varies – check Facebook page

Happy Hour: None

Phone: 045-334-7703

Homepage (in Japanese): N/A

Social Media: Facebook

How to Get to Kanei Shoten

The closest station to Kanei Shoten is JR Sakuragicho. It’s also possible to reach it from Keikyu Hinodecho station.

Directions from JR Sakuragicho
Directions from Keikyu Hinodecho Station

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