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Alpha Beta Coffee Club in Jiyugaoka, Tokyo

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Alpha Beta Coffee Club The Bottom Line

“Come for the beer, stay for the coffee” seems apt Alpha Beta Coffee Club. The whole atmosphere left me feeling cold – the bright white walls and the loud music left me with the feeling that I was either out of place for trying to have a conversation or that I didn’t belong there. The prices are also toward the expensive end though the happy hour in the afternoon does make things cheaper. However, the outside deck is a great place to sit and drink outside during the warmer months of the year and the coffee is amazingly good. The whole place is non-smoking, all prices include tax, has no table charge, and they also have English on the menu too.

Alpha Beta Coffee Club Inside The Full Review

Alpha Beta Coffee Club opened up in April 2017 in an area that has a busy thoroughfare of people throughout the day but lacking in actual decent coffee and craft beer places for some reason. The premise behind Alpha Beta Coffee Club is offering up craft beer alongside coffee all day long – it’s also possible to get a monthly subscription to their range of coffee if you can’t make it in. Open from 7am on weekdays, you can get either a caffeine fix or an alcohol fix before you start your long day at work.

Alpha Beta Coffee Club is about two minutes from Jiyugaoka station though the outside does look like an office building and it took me two or three tries of walking around the neighbourhood before I found it. It’s on the third floor and it’s bright white walls stand out as soon as you walk out of the lift. And man, is it white in there. White walls, some white floors, white ceilings, white clock, and white tables. A bit more colour around the place wouldn’t have gone amiss really. The long table in the middle dominates proceedings but skip all of that and go sit out on the wood deck – if the weather is good. The whole place is non-smoking and there is no table charge either.

Alpha Beta Coffee Club Beer 1Alpha Beta Coffee Club Beer 2

There are five taps of craft beer on at Alpha Beta Coffee Club with a varying choice between domestic and imports. Beers come in two sizes, medium at 240ml for ¥650 and pints at 470ml for ¥1,200 – pretty pricey but the prices do include tax. Thankfully there is a happy hour in the afternoon, starting from 15:00 and lasting until 18:00 when medium beers are more reasonable prices at ¥500 and pints at ¥950. There is also a beer flight for ¥1,000 which gets you three 150ml beers and a small portion of nuts.


There is also a limited food selection of sandwiches at Alpha Beta Coffee Club so make sure you pop into Carl’s Jr. before heading up for some beers. All the menus are in English and some of the staff do speak English as well.

Alpha Beta Coffee Club Details

Open: Weekdays 7:00 – 23:00 Weekends & Holidays 10:00 – 22:00

Happy Hour: Weekdays 15:00 – 18:00 Mediums beers ¥500 and pints at ¥950

Phone: 03-5726-8433

Homepage (in Japanese): http://www.alphabetacoffeeclub.com/

SNS: Facebook / Instagram

How to Get to Alpha Beta Coffee Club

The closest station to Alpha Beta Coffee Club is Jiyugaoka on the Tokyu Toyoko Line (TY-07) Tokyu and Tokyu Oimachi Line (OM-10). Alpha Beta Coffee Club is about two minutes from the north exit.

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