Aeon Liquor Tsunashima in Tsunashima

Aeon Liquors Tsunashima

A small listing today is Aeon Liquor Tsunashima, located about 5 minutes from Tsunashima station, on the Toyoko Line. It follows in the same vein as the Aeon Liquors Jiyugaoka store; however, it’s nowhere near as large or as expansive as that store.

Aeon Liquor Tsunashima 1

There is a mixture of beers on sale, both domestic and imported. Domestic breweries included Far Yeast Brewing CompanyBaird BeerOh! La! Ho BeerSankt Gallen, and also Yo-Ho Brewing. Beers can’t be drunk inside; however, there is the Tsurumi River less than a couple of minutes away where you can sit and drink. Just take the empties home with you please!

Aeon Liquor Tsunashima Details

Open: Daily 10:00 to 22:00

Phone: 045-533-4171

Homepage: http://www.aeonliquor.jp/shop/tsunashima.html

How to Get to Aeon Liquor Tsunashima

The closest station is Tsunashima on the Toyoko Line. It’s about a five-minute walk from the west exit.

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  1. Hiyoshi has one too and i suspect aeon does not keep beer chilled. actualy ive seen it stacked in the open. shame on them

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