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Komiya Saketen : Background

Komiya Saketen, like so many of the shops on BeerTengoku, was a random find as I was looking for craft beer to purchase online. It came up when I was searching for Be Easy Brewing and has been used a couple of times since then – great customer services but a decent range of beers available too. What’s even better is that Komiya Saketen isn’t just an online store, but an actual shop out in Saitama in Kawaguchi city, so if you’re out and about that way, save yourself some money on postage and pop in there for a couple of cans.

With Komiya Saketen being a physical store as well, they have a small standing area where you can drink your purchases too, though at the time of writing, we’re unsure if there is a corkage fee for drinking on-site.

Komiya Saketen : Postage

  • Hokkaido : ¥1,290 / Tohoku, Kanto, Chubu : ¥950 / Kansai : ¥1,030
  • Chugoku, Shikoku : ¥1,120 / Kyushu : ¥1,290 / Okinawa : ¥1,380
  • Refrigerates shipping : + ¥330

Komiya Saketen : Details

Komiya Saketen : Location

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