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Pullup Beer : Background

You find one craft beer shop online, then you find a lot more when you’re trying to find a specific beer to buy. I was trying to find some Vertere beer online and then came across Pullup Beer with a decent range of domestic craft beers, alongside a fair number of imported beers from the USA and Belgium – so there’s plenty of choices on there. The online portal does need some rejigging around though as compared to other online sites, Pullup Beer is a bit clunky.

For example, there is no sort by function, so you’re trawling through a list of beers with no idea of how new the beers are, and for some reason, there is no sort by country function, so all the beers are mixed in with one another. No chance of listing just Japanese beers, or just American for example, but there is an option to show all the Belgian beers, so they could do it if they wanted to.

Pullup Beer : Postage

  • Hokkaido & Kyushu : ¥1,400
  • North Tohoku / Kansai : ¥1,080
  • South Tohoku / Kanto / Koshinetsu / Hokuriku / Chubu : ¥980
  • Chugoku / Shikoku : ¥1,200
  • Okinawa : ¥1,650

If you do spend over ¥5,000, you get a ¥200 discount on shipping costs. Moreover, if you live within some wards of Tokyo, you can also get free delivery by bike.

Pullup Beer : Details

Pullup Beer : Location

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