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Yaesu Ishikawa Terrace (Yaesu / Tokyo)

by Rob
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Yaesu Ishikawa Terrace : Background

It’s been a while since we came across a prefectual satelliate shop on our travels – and it’s not for want of trying. However, on a recent walk between bars, we stumbled across Yaesu Ishikawa Terrace – the prefectural shop for Ishikawa in Tokyo. As you can imagine, the shop only sells items from Ishikawa, which in our case, means alcohol in the form of beer. Of course, there are lots of other delights to come from the area.

On the day I went to Yaesu Ishikawa Terrace, there were a few breweries in the fridges that included:

  • Brew Classic
  • Kanazawa Beer
  • Oriental Brewing
  • Waku Waku Tezukuri Farm Brewery

Not the widest list of beers from the prefecture, but then Ishikawa is perhaps better known for its sake than its beer. Still, it’s a good chance to pick up some beers from the area, though I’d still like to head back them for the Patreon Guide to Kanazawa as it’s a wonderful area. There is also a small area at the back of the shop where you can get some food and drink to eat in though I didn’t see any fees for drinking any of the items.

Yaesu Ishikawa Terrace : Details

Yaesu Ishikawa Terrace : Location

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