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151L / Ichigo Ichie-ru

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151L is an online store that specialises in selling both domestic and imported craft beer. It’s name is a pun on the phrase “ichigo ichie” which means “once in a lifetime” but here it refers to “ichigo ichie-ru”, which I guess is something along the lines of “one beer in a lifetime” implying that one beer you’re drinking now is possibly the best you’re ever going to have. Sometimes jokes aren’t funny I guess if you have to explain them.

The store is based in Gifu and prides itself on the cold chain technology that keeps all of their beer stored at 3c throughout the year – an essential need for beers though some places don’t seem to realise that craft beer is alive and should be refrigerated (a drunken rambling perhaps!?).

151L stocks beers from Shiga Kogen, Y Market Brewing, Far Yeast Brewing, and Minamishinshu Beer at the time of writing. There are also numerous American imports too in stock though they can probably be found for cheaper. The shop navigation could do with some work as it’s not split up into styles, rather some generic listing of beers or other things that have taken their fancy – so be patient with it.


Payment can be done by either credit card, bank transfer, or cash on delivery though the whole site is in Japanese so you may need to use Google Translate. As 151L uses cold chain to keep their beers cold, there is only one option for delivery which is cold delivery – so you’ll be getting cold beer delivered to your house at 8am in the morning – we’ve warned you. Shipping rates vary depending where you live in Japan:

  • Hokkaido at ¥1,800
  • Tohoku at ¥1,460
  • Kanto Koshinetsu at ¥1,380
  • Chubu & Kinki at ¥1,380
  • Chugoku & Shikoku at ¥1,460
  • Kyushu at ¥1,540
  • Okinawa at ¥1,800

All prices include cold delivery.

151L Details

Address: 3 Chome-27 Yashiro, Gifu, 502-0812

Homepage (in Japanese):

Phone: 058-214-3328

Social Media: Twitter

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