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Yo-Ho Brewing Company Information

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Yo-ho Brewing

Yo-ho Brewing Company was founded in 1996, soon after the abolition of the beer brewing laws, and was one of the first microbreweries to be recognized nationwide. In 2010, the Japanese Beer Association awarded Yo-Ho Brewing “Brewery of the Year” award. Unlike other microbreweries in Japan, all of their beers come either in cans, or by the barrel. In 2014, Kirin Beer company bought a 24% stake in the company with 40% of the production of the Yo-Ho Brewing range being produced by Kirin. Moreover, the brewers cooperate in shipping, procurement, product development and online promotion. Yo-Ho Brewing also brew the Karuizawa Kogen range of beers, which are not to be confused with the Karuizawa Brewery from Dover Co.

Yo-Ho Brewing Main Line up

The following beers are part of Yo-Ho Brewing’s main lineup.

  • Yo-Ho Aooni India Pale Ale – a 7% American IPA style beer that
  • Yo-Ho Yona Yona Ale – a 5.5% American pale ale that can be found in various forms on tap, such as on nitro.
  • Yo-Ho Yona Yona Real Ale – an aged version of the Yona Yona ale that also contains a widget in the can to give it a creamy flavour.
  • Yo-Ho Tokyo Black – a 5% porter that is brewed using Perle hops.
  • Yo-Ho Suiyoubi no Neko – a 4.5% Belgian style witbier that is designed for hump day, or Wednesday (Suiyoubi)
  • Yo-Ho SunSun – a 4.5% pilsner that is brewed in a manner that it has obtained the organic certification.
  • Yo-Ho Harenohi – a premium barley wine.
  • Yo-Ho Boku Beer Kimi Beer – A 5% saison that was produced in collaboration along with Lawson’s convenience store.
  • Yo-Ho Getsumen-Gaho – a 5% Belgian pale ale that was produced in collaboration along with Amazon.jp

Yo-Ho Brewing Seasonal and Limited Edition Lineup

The following beers are part of Yo-Ho Brewing’s Seasonal and Limited Edition range:


Yo-Ho Brewing Brewery Information

Address: 2148 Nagagura Karuizawa-machi Nagano-ken Kitasaga-gun, 389-0111

Phone: 0267-66-1211

Website: http://www.yonasato.com/e/

Online store (Japanese only): http://www.rakuten.co.jp/yonayona/

SNS: FacebookTwitter

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