Ibaraki Sato Saketen in Tsuchiura, Ibaraki

Ibaraki Sato Saketen Front

Ibaraki Sato Saketen The Bottom Line Ibaraki Sato Saketen is a nice little standing bar at Tsuchiura Station, and if you’ve got time to kill, with an urge for a beer, then pop along for a couple of beers, but be prepared to pay slightly more than usual for your beer. Of course, as it is a standing bar, there …

Heiwa in Kugenuma-Kaigan, Kanagawa

Heiwa Front

It’s been a while since I’ve found a little shop like Heiwa in the middle of nowhere – usually something like this would go on the “Off The Beaten Track” series, but Heiwa is too good not to share – plus I promised the person I was with that I would share it with all. Heiwa is located near Kugenuma-Kaigan …

Off The Beaten Track #11

Hinoya Liquor Store Nikko

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2416 Market Cave in Yokohama, Kanagawa

2416 Market Cave Front

Located on the sixth floor of NEWoMan is 2416 Market – a market area dedicated to all the fine foods, furnitures, and drinks that Kanagawa has to offer. And that also includes craft beer as well. At the far end of the floor, right next to 800 Degrees Craft Beer Stand, is where you can find a small section dedicated …

Saito Saketen

Saito Saketen is both a bricks-and-mortar shop and an online store, based in Otawara, in Tochigi, Japan. While it primarily specialises in sake, however, it does partake in the selling of alcohol, with its focus being on craft beer. The selection of craft beer encompasses both domestic and imports, though there is a heavy leaning towards the former. Thankfully, Saito …

Suzuki Shuhan Kanda in Kanda, Tokyo

Suzuki Shuhan Kanda

Suzuki Shuhan Kanda is a both a bricks and mortar store, as well as an online store that we’ve listed here. This branch in Kanda though has a much heavier focus towards sake, whiskey, and wines; however, there is a semi-decent selection of craft beers in stock too. Like the Minowa branch, Suzuki Shuhan Kanda also has a small drink …

Nara Maruhoba-kan in Nihonbashi, Tokyo

Nara Maruhoba-kan Front

If you’ve been following our series on antenna shops in Japan, then it may not come as a surprise that Nara is getting in on the action, with this, the seventh in our series, at Nara Maruhoba-kan. Like others in the series, Nara Maruhoba-kan focuses on products from the Nara region of Japan, located just south east of Osaka. Nara …

Nihonbashi Shimane-kan in Nihonbashi, Tokyo

Nihonbashi Shimane-kan

The fifth in our entry of satellite shops / antenna shops is Nihonbashi Shimane-kan- which if you hadn’t guessed is based in Nihonbashi and sells products from Shimane prefecture, which was once voted Japan’s 46th most recognised prefecture – not that great considering Japan has 47 prefectures. What was the 47th? Don’t know to be honest. Nihonbashi Shimane-kan sells lots …

Chouseiya in Mobara, Chiba

Chouseiya Front

Chouseiya first came to our attention on Facebook when they popped up with a wide range of beers – some that are notoriously hard to get hold off. Chouseiya is also a bricks-and-mortar store in Chiba, though when I tried to get over there to pick up some beers, they were closed – weird holiday schedule. However in 2018, they …


Tap & Growler in Shimo-Kitazawa, Tokyo

Tap & Growler Front

Tap & Growler The Bottom Line If you want a place that has lots of beers on tap for you to tick off in your Untappd and don’t mind the price, then┬áTap & Growler is highly recommended. It’s important to remember that┬áTap & Growler is primarily a place for you to pick up some beer to takeaway in a growler, …