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Craft Beer Works Kamikaze in Kitahorie, Osaka

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Craft Beer Works Kamikaze The Bottom Line

Craft Beer Works Kamikaze is a definite go to place on our list of Osaka bars for it’s sheer selection of beers though the prices and sizes do leave something to be desired. It ticked most of all the right boxes on our (lengthy) list – free WiFi, no smoking, and no table charge, as well as having some English spoken as well. I guess the only downside to Craft Beer Works Kamikaze would be if you don’t get their early enough, then you won’t be able to get a seat as it was busy by 5pm on a Saturday evening, and the staff were turning people away unless they had bookings.

Craft Beer Works Kamikaze Inside

If it’s smoking then we didn’t notice or smell anything.

Craft Beer Works Kamikaze The Full Review

Craft Beer Works Kamikaze almost didn’t make it into our craft beer crawl of Osaka – we managed to just sneak in as a couple were leaving and another couple were discussion whether to drink there or not and couldn’t make their minds up. Boom, counter seats achieved by the door – right in front of the fridge. Craft Beer Works Kamikaze opened in May 2012, and we just missed their five year anniversary by a couple of weeks, though they did have a massive Daisen G Beer, one of my favourite breweries in Japan, tap takeover going on.

Craft Beer Works Kamikaze is located in the Kitahorie area of Osaka, about three minutes away from Nishi-Ohashi station on the Nagahori Tsurumi-ryokuchi Line and it’s also near Yotsubashi on the Yotsubashi Line. There is lots of space inside of Craft Beer Works Kamikaze with about ten seats at the counter (though two of those are smack dab right in front of the beer fridge so forget about a decent view) and five or six tables dotted along the walls with space for about twenty people. The whole place is non-smoking (or so we were told) and there is also no table charge either. It is strongly recommended that you do book though as both times I went past Craft Beer Works Kamikaze, it was full up and they were turning people away.

Craft Beer Works Kamikaze Beer 1
Daisen Goriki Lager
Craft Beer Works Kamikaze Beer 2
Ushitora #172
Craft Beer Works Kamikaze Beer 3
Daisen Gougin 2016
Craft Beer Works Kamikaze Beer 4
Daisen Belgian IPA

There are 27 taps on at Craft Beer Works Kamikaze – perhaps one of the largest selections I came across in Osaka. There was a heavy leaning towards domestic craft beers, though we were told that they do have imported beers on as well. The beers come in many different sizes: small (200ml) for ¥600, half pint (284ml) for ¥750, US pint (473ml) for ¥1200, UK pint (568ml) for ¥1500, and the German maß (1000ml) for ¥2800. There is also a beer flight available which gets your four 100ml glasses of beer of your choice for ¥1200 – a pretty good deal by all means considering the sizes and prices. I didn’t notice any happy hour on though if there is, we will let you know. However, none of the prices included tax, so best remember to add that on at the end.


Craft Beer Works Kamikaze Food 1 These chips are so good I ordered three bowls.

The food at Craft Beer Works Kamikaze is geared towards Italian, but having eaten lots at the previous two places, the usual chips and onions rings were stuck to but these chips at Craft Beer Works Kamikaze were perhaps the best I had in Osaka. Nice and soft on the inside, but crunchy on the outside – definitely worth ordering if you go here. There was also some cracking fried chicken on the menu and thankfully the menus also had some English on them as well for both the beers and also the food.

Craft Beer Works Kamikaze Details:

Open: Daily 17:00 to 01:00 (L.O Food 00:00 Drink 00:30)

Closed: N/A

Happy Hour: N/A

Phone: 06-6539-7550

Homepage (in Japanese): http://www.cbw-kamikaze.com/

SNS: Facebook / Twitter

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