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Ajifu & Kurabi (Kawasaki / Kanagawa)

by Rob
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Ajifu & Kurabi : The Bottom Line

Would I recommend travelling all the way to Kawasaki just for Ajifu & Kurabi? Probably not. But if you’re in the area, you could a lot worse than this place – some good beers in the fridges from both domestic breweries and imports, alongside some delcious Indian food. It’s also a place where you can stop in for one beer, or perhaps a few more. The whole place is non-smoking and also has space for outside drinking.

Ajifu & Kurabi : Background

Ajifu & Kurabi, which actually is a portmanteau of Asian-fu and Craft Beer, is a small little shop on the eastern side of Kawasaki station that has gone under the radar for quite a while. I’ve had some friends extol the virtue of this place, but I’ve never felt the need to get off at Kawasaki for beers, or Asian food, since more often than not, I am passing through Yokohama to the south of Kawasaki.

Ajifu & Kurabi opened in March 2022 in the La Cittadella area of Kawasaki – a very quaint shopping area that has some interesting decor and walking areas around. The complex is about a 10 minute walk from the Kawasaki station, which is on both the JR Tokaido / Keihin-Tohoku line and also the Keikyu main line.

Ajifu & Kurabi : Atmosphere & Interior

Ajifu & Kurabi is a cross between a bar and a shop – it’s kind of unusual to be writing about something like this because as I sit here now, writing up this review, I wonder what the main focus of this place is? There are fridges of beer, so far so good, alongside various spices and packet sauces you can buy to takeaway, once more, so far so good, along with a small restaurant to get some food. Everything is all ok here now.


Inside, there is space for around 10 people at low tables, and there is a small seating area in front of the store, that on sunny days, would be filled up pretty quickly. The whole place is non-smoking and has no table charge. Moreover, you can happily bring your kids and pets to sit outside as well.

Ajifu & Kurabi : Beer & Tap Information

Ajifu & Kurabi has a number of fridges of beers from across the world – with Indian, US, and also local domestic beers on offer. There is also a selection of beers on tap from ¥800 so there’s a number of choices here for everything to drink. The beers can also be bought to takeaway, though thankfully there is no corkage fee for drinking in, but neither do you get a discount for getting any beers to takeaway.

Ajifu & Kurabi : Food & Menu Information

There are quite a few Indian dishes and snacks on the menu at Ajifu & Kurabi – I had the sheekh kebabs and some pakoras, both of which were delicious and I’d recommend again. There are also some vegetarian and vegans meals on offer, though all the menus were in Japanese on the day I went here.

Ajifu & Kurabi : Bar Details

Ajifu & Kurabi : Location

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