Home Bar Review TY Harbor Brewery in Tennozu Isle, Shinagawa

TY Harbor Brewery in Tennozu Isle, Shinagawa

by Rob


TY Harbor Brewery The Bottom Line

TY Harbor Brewery comes across as a fancy place that just doesn’t seem to have the philosophy of craft beer in the way it does business. It’s a place with large, grandiose goals but the prices for beer and food left me feeling cold when I knew it was cheaper elsewhere.

TY Harbor Brewery The Full Review

TY Harbor Brewery

TY Harbor Brewery is a place that we at BeerTengoku have been to numerous times but always fail to write something up about it.TY Harbor Brewery has been around for over a decade now and has expanded so much now that people forget about the main bar in Tennozu Isle, Shinagawa that also hosts the brewery too.


TY Harbor Brewery Outside Not the largest bar we’ve been to, but close.

The first thing you notice about TY Harbor Brewery when you arrive across the mini bridge is the sheer size of the building. TY Harbor Brewery is set up in an old warehouse complex that includes a restaurant as well as an outside barge for parties and finally a covered outside area for those lazy summer nights. It is daunting when I compare the regular haunts to this place. We only went for some of the beers rather than any of the food as we found the Urban BBQ Smokehouse to more than satisfy our needs.

TY Harbor Brewery

TY Harbor Brewery Imperial Stout

Seven beers were on tap, five regulars, including the Pale, Wheat, Amber, IPA and Imperial Stout along with a bottle seasonal, the Brown ale and two guests, a Japanese craft from Loco Beer in Chiba and a US import. Prices for all their beers were the same, with the small (250ml) at ¥550, medium (420ml) at ¥880, large (650ml) at ¥1250, boot (1000ml) at ¥1900 and pitcher (1800ml) at ¥3500 respectively. The guest beers were a tad pricier with the US import ¥650 and ¥1050 and the Japanese guest ¥580 and ¥950 for small and medium respectively.

Tax prices were included in the price, and there didn’t appear to be a table charge either; however the bemusing thing was that we’ve found their beers cheaper elsewhere in Tokyo and Yokohama, among other places. Surely, the beers should be cheaper at the source than from other places.

TY Harbor Brewery Details

Open: Monday-Friday, 11:30-14:00, 17:00-22:00, Saturday, 11:30-22:00, Sunday & Holidays, 11:30-21:00 (last orders)

Happy Hour: None

Phone: 03-5479-4555

Website (in English): TY Harbor Brewing homepage

How to Get to TY Harbor Brewery

Getting to TY Harbor Brewery is probably easiest from either Tennozu Isle station on the Tokyo Monorail or TWR Rinkai line. It’s about ten minutes from exit ‘B’ and takes you around the apartment complex.

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Steve De Rose August 25, 2015 - 7:22 am

I haven’t been here yet. Opinions of other craft beer enthusiasts in Tokyo and Yokohama voice that the beer is “second fiddle” to the view. This probably also explains why its beers are more expensive here than in other venues.

Rob August 25, 2015 - 9:25 am

Yeah, they aren’t a great range of beers though the imperial porter is worth trying on tap at a cheaper place such as Craft Beer bar iBrew or Craft Beer Market places. If you want to really try a TY chain place, then try the Urban BBQ Smokehouse in Shibuya as the food there is much better than the Shinagawa location.


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