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Atta Maruyama in Maruyama, Sapporo

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Atta Maruyama : The Bottom Line

If you’re in the area and looking for something casual to have a few beers, then Atta Maruyama is a good choice though be prepared to pay for the privilege of drinking there as Atta Maruyama is one of the more expensive places in Sapporo for beers. Oh, and take cash with you as they don’t accept any other form of payment. The whole place is non-smoking, has no table charge, and some of the menus are in English.

Atta Maruyama Inside

Atta Maruyama : The Full Story

I must admit, I was a little confused when I came into Atta Maruyama. I was asked by a friend to see if the old master from Craft Beer & Whisky Bar Transit was working there still. So in I went, asked the staff in Japanese if the old master was working there still or had moved on. And I was met with a blank expression. Who was I talking about? The staff had never heard of him and they had been there since the bar opened. Thanks Tim! Without wanting to look like a complete idiot, I felt obliged to stay for a couple of beers – who am I trying to kid, I didn’t feel bad at all.

Atta Maruyama opened in April 2020, and is located in the Maruyama area of Sapporo, a few minutes walk from Maruyama Koen station, on the Sapporo Tozai Line. It’s situated in a small commuter area of the city and is a pretty easy place to find really.

Atta Maruyama : Atmosphere & Interior

Atta Maruyama is quite a long store, decked out with white walls and plenty of dark wood around the place – mind out for the random column and samurai outfit as you leave the store. No doubt someone has tried to put on that samurai outfit after a few beers. There was some gentle background music being played and soon after opening, Atta Maruyama began to fill up with some office workers and couples, so it seems like a popular little haunt for people living in the area.


Atta Maruyama has seating for around 30 people, with 6 or so people at the counter, and then the rest dotted at various table combinations along the window wall. It’s a very open place, with lots of light coming in from those windows too. The whole place is non-smoking, has free wifi, and no table charge for those wondering. And I’m glad it doesn’t as we approach the prices.

Atta Maruyama : Approach to Covid-19

Like other bars in Sapporo, Atta Maruyama follows the guidelines set out by the local government, so temperature checks, alcohol spray, social distancing, and masks for all. One thing I didn’t see as in other places was any signage to report any problems with their practices – ironic?

Atta Maruyama : Beer & Tap Information

On the day I went, Atta Maruyama had 5 taps of beer on as they had just come out of the State of Emergency, but the staff mentioned that there is anywhere up to 8 possible, with a heavy leaning towards domestic beers. That’s the easy part. The hard part was prices as there isn’t really any consistency to them. The beers come in two sizes: medium (330 ml) from 850 yen and then large (470 ml) from 1050 yen – however it rarely seemed like any of the beers were that price as next to many of the names were extra “+ 100 yen” or “+ 200 yen” signs. It would have been nice to have one defined price for all the beers but I’m guessing that due to the bar being in Hokkaido, transportation fees play a big part too.

There is a beer flight option though and that gets you three 140 ml beers for 1350 yen – but none of those extra prices come anywhere near the beer flight price. Moreover, there is a beer fridge with an option of a few domestic, as well as import, cans to be drunk in store, with the prices fixed – so no corkage fee!

Atta Maruyama : Food Information

The menu at Atta Maruyama is pretty basic as the kitchen is quite small, but there are a few options for nibbles and snacks. The menus are in Japanese but the staff were willing to try and explain in basic English what things were, even though I did use Japanese – perhaps they felt sorry for me asking about the old master. There are choices for vegetarians too but the portions are on the small size.

Atta Maruyama : Information

  • Open : Thursday to Sunday 14:30 – 22:30 (L.O Food 21:30 Drink 22:00)
  • Closed : Monday to Wednesday
  • Happy Hour : N/A
  • Phone : 011-215-6061
  • Homepage (in Japanese) : N/A
  • Social Media : Facebook / Instagram

Atta Maruyama : Location

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