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Urban BBQ Smokehouse in Shibuya, Tokyo

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Urban BBQ Smokehouse One Paragraph Review

If you like your TY Harbor beers and some BBQ food, then Urban BBQ Smokehouse is a great place to come to; however it won’t be cheap. Moreover, the guest beers are cheaper elsewhere so it is best to stick to the TY Harbour beers.

Urban BBQ Smokehouse Full Review

Urban BBQ Smokehouse Bar

Plenty of beers on tap at Urban BBQ Smokehouse.

Located inbetween Shibuya, Harajuku, and Meiji Jingumae is Urban BBQ Smokehouse Tokyo, a craft beer bar and BBQ smokehouse by TY Harbor. Urban BBQ Smokehouse Tokyo sells TY Harbor’s own range of craft beers, brewed at their Shinagawa brewery, and pairs them with slow cooked BBQ food produced in the restaurant. On occasions, there are some craft beers from other Japanese breweries as well.

Urban BBQ Smokehouse Balcony

If you can get a seat outside, it’s worth it.

There is plenty of space, both outside on the terrace area, and also inside; however, it really is much better outside. The terrace is covered up and has space heaters for the winter months, but inside is quite dark so does not do justice to the beers. There is something to be said about drinking beer and sitting outside; perhaps for me it’s a remnant of the summer days spent in the UK lounging and drinking on beer patios. Open from 11:30am, there is plenty of time to get some early afternoon beer in.

The staff at Urban BBQ Smokehouse Tokyo are incredibly helpful, in terms of being able to select beers for you based on your preferred taste, or explaining each beer. The menus are in English and in Japanese and some of the staff do speak English if you are in need of assistance. 


Urban BBQ Smokehouse Beers Taps mysteriously coming out of the wall? Wonder what’s in them?

There are a wide variety of styles of beers at Urban BBQ Smokehouse, with IPA being the most popular due to the current surge of the American market; however, Urban BBQ Smokehouse has some other styles that are well worth trying before dulling the taste buds with the IPAs and the Coffee Porter.

Urban BBQ Smokehouse Testing
100ml for ¥250 is a good deal.
TY Harbour Beer 1 at Urban BBQ SmokehouseTY Harbour Beer 2 at Urban BBQ SmokehouseTY Harbour Beer 3 at Urban BBQ SmokehouseTY Harbour Beer 4 at Urban BBQ SmokehouseTY Harbour Beer 5 at Urban BBQ Smokehouse

TY Harbor beers come in two sizes; 8.5 fl oz/250ml for ¥550 or the larger 14oz/420ml for ¥900. The guest beers vary in price, 6 fl oz/175ml for ¥600, 8.5 fl oz/250ml from ¥550 to ¥750, and 14oz/420ml for ¥900 to ¥1250. At those prices, it is best to stick to Urban BBQ Smokehouse’s own beers as the guest beers can be had for much cheaper at places such as Good Beer Faucets. However, Urban BBQ Smokehouse also offers up tasting glasses at 100ml for ¥250, giving you a chance to try the variety of beers on tap.

Urban Smokehouse Food #2Urban BBQ Smokehouse Smoked nuts
These nuts pair very well with beer - all beers. Smokey and moorish.

Of course, if you’re hungry then you’ve come to the right place. Urban BBQ Smokehouse offers up some great BBQ food, with some simple snacks, such as smoked mixed nuts, to full on meals that will leave you stuffed. The portions sizes are more than enough for one person, so be warned.

Urban BBQ Smokehouse Details

Open: Weekday 11:30〜15:00 L.O. / 17:30〜22:00 L.O.(Drink 〜22:30 L.O.)Sat・Sun・Hol 11:30〜22:00 L.O.(Drink 〜22:30 L.O.)

Phone: 03-6450-5855

Website (English): https://www.tysons.jp/smokehouse/

How to get to Urban BBQ Smokehouse Tokyo

Upstairs from The Roastery, you can follow these directions from Shibuya Station.

Directions from Shibuya

Directions from Meiju Jingumae station

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