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Beer Bomb in Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku

by Rob
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Beer Bomb : The Bottom Line

While I was left a bit confused about where I was going on the way to Beer Bomb, I found the tap list to be rather a good surprise of beers, along with some surprisingly reasonable prices considering where I was in Shinjuku. While I may not often be in the Shinjuku area, next time I am, I will be going to Beer Bomb for a few beers, and I recommend the place to other drinkers in the area.

Beer Bomb : The Full Review

Shinjuku has rather an up-and-down reputation with its craft beer bars – some are very good such as Bamboo Beer Pub but closed down, while others have been rather poor such as Draft Pub Bevvy. So it was with trepidation that I went to Beer Bomb with a friend who was over and wanted to find some new places. Walking past a graveyard / cemetery didn’t seem to bode well as went away from the station to an area of Shinjuku that I didn’t know existed.

Beer Bomb opened in December 2019, just before the first wave of Covid-19 pretty much closed down the craft beer market in Tokyo, so it’s a good thing to see that they came through it. Beer Bomb is located between Nishi-Shinjuku and Seibu-Shinjuku, and pretty much every Shinjuku station on the west side of that area, just in case you don’t fancy walking past a graveyard.

Beer Bomb : Atmosphere & Interior

Beer Bomb is quite a small place inside, with one long table that stretches from the front to the back of the bar, though there are counter seats and some tables against the wall. I’d say that there is seating for upwards of 30 people, and that includes a small room at the back of the place. If you want to, there is also a small bench out the front of the store, as well as a small standing counter with some seats available as well, great for when the weather is nice and warm.


Due to its size, Beer Bomb is rather a friendly and cost place, with people filling up the bar soon after 7pm, even on a weeknight. The whole place is non-smoking. There was also some free wifi, with the details posted on the menus. The dreaded table charge made an appearance of ¥350, for which you get a small plate of mixed nuts.

Beer Bomb : Beer & Tap Information

Beer Bomb has 18 taps of beer on, with 1 of these being a macro beer, so you can come here with your non-craft beer drinking friends for a few beers. The 17 taps are split between domestic and imports, with the majority of the taps being domestic offerings. In terms of variety, Beer Bomb had a good range of styles, with IPAs being the most dominant but not encompassing the whole menu thankfully. The beers come in two sizes: half (260 ml) from ¥650, and pint (480 ml) from ¥1090 with prices including tax.

I didn’t notice any happy hour on at Beer Bomb but there is a beer flight on for ¥1640 that gets you three 200 ml glasses of beer for pretty much anything on the menu besides the expensive beers on the menu. I guess they bombed out there but of course, it makes sense when the most expensive beers on the menu were almost ¥2000 for a pint.

Beer Bomb : Food Information

I didn’t really get a good look at the food menu at Beer Bomb as I mistakenly ordered chips without thinking, when in fact I wanted a hamburger. My brain just didn’t seem to be working on the day I was at Beer Bomb – beer can do a funny thing to someone’s brain it seems. However, Beer Bomb does seem to style itself around Italian food and the such and looking back, I wish I had ordered some of the salad and garlic bread as the pictures do look pretty tasty. The menus did have some English on them, just enough to order, but not enough really to show what’s in the food though there are some English speaking staff too. Next time I go, I will definitely be having the hamburger.

Beer Bomb : Details

Beer Bomb : Location

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