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Pubgab (Kobe / Hyogo)

by Rob
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Pubgab : The Bottom Line

If you’re in the area, then Pubgab is a nice little stop for a couple of beers from Rokko Beer. There’s a decent range of beers on tap, so you’re bound to find a style you’ll like. Outside of that, it’s easy to recommend coming to Pubgab if you’re in the centre of the city as it’s quite close, though Rokko Beer do have their own place in the city. The whole facility that Pubgab is located in is non-smoking and also has free wifi.

Pubgab : Background

Pubgab opened in October 2021 and is located in the Tooth Tooth Mart Food Hall, which itself is located in the Atoa complex in the ports of Kobe. The Atoa complex also includes a small aquarium, so this place really does have something for everyone and as such, is one of the most family friendliest places I’ve come across in the 10 years of drinking. Though it’s an food complex, Pubgab is one of the few places that is alcohol only – there’s not a spot of food on the menu, but more about that later.

Pubgab is on Shinko Pier 1, in Kobe’s port area, so you’ll have to walk here from the city centre, though with Kobe being quite an organised city, it will only take about 10 minutes from Kyūkyoryūchi-Daimarumae Station, though why not make a day of it and pop into Harborland first before coming here.

Pubgab : Atmosphere & Interior

As mentioned, Pubgab is located in a food hall, so it does feel a little weird to be drinking just beers as you’re sat here, but I’ve not felt bad about drinking in a food hall since Antenna America opened in Yokohama. Due to the food hall aspect, there are plenty of options for seating, as there are over 350 seats in Tooth Tooth Mart, and it’s a family orientated place, so you may have some families around you. If that bothers you, then you can just as easily stand at one of the tables dotted around Pubgab and drink your beers there.


There was some gentle background music playing though I can not remember what genre it was – probably something easy listening if it didn’t disturb the conversations. Again, with Pubgab being in a food hall, there is no table charge and there is also some free WiFi in the complex.

Pubgab : Beer & Tap Information

Pubgab appeared to be a satelliate shop for Rokko Beer, though not in an official capacity it seems as there is nothing on the Rokko Beer website about Pubgab. There are 12 taps of craft beer on, with a good variety of styles so you’ll be able to drink something you like.

The beers come in three sizes: small (250ml) at ¥540 for the in-house beer or ¥660 for the Rokko Beers, medium (324ml) at ¥740 for the in-house beer or ¥880 for the Rokko Beers, and large (473ml) at ¥980 for the in-house beer or ¥1100 for the Rokko Beers. The beers were served reasonably well, though I do suggest you ask for a top up in case you get lots of head on your beer like I did. I didn’t see any beer flights though you can get beers to drink outside when the weather is nice.

Usually this part would be in the food information but there isn’t any. The menus are in Japanese only, so you’ll need to be able to read katakana or some kanji. The menus do include tax so there aren’t any surprises.

Pubgab : Food Information

Pubgab doesn’t have any food – you’re in a food hall so there are plenty of options around you – dim sum, pizza, steaks, salads, hamburgers – so go crazy!

Pubgab : Bar Details

  • Open : Daily 11:00 – 22:00 (L.O Food 21:00 / Drink 21:30)
  • Closed : –
  • Happy Hour : –
  • Phone : 078-777-4091
  • Homepage (in Japanese) : –
  • Social Media : –

Pubgab : Location

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