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Outsider Tassie Devil W-IPA by Outsider Brewing 

by Rob
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Outsider Tassie Devil W-IPA is an 8% double IPA from Outside Brewing, based in Yamanashi, Japan. It’s part of their draft line up and was first released in 2017 for part of their 5th anniversary celebrations. Like many of the Outsider Brewing range of beers, Outsider Tassie Devil W-IPA is brewed with imported Australians hops with this beer using Ella hops, which were previously known as Stella hops, to give this beer quite a low IBU for a double IPA at only 65 units. At the time of writing, it’s unknown whether if Outsider Tassie Devil W-IPA will make any future appearances.

Outsider Tassie Devil W-IPA

Deep rich malty flavour until the hops kick in.

Outsider Tassie Devil W-IPA Aroma and Taste

I do love a good double IPA, and unlike Joe, known how to pronounced the name correctly on menus – why he is insistent on calling W-IPA “whipper” or “wiper” is beyond me but it keeps him happy – and the bar manager at Craftsman Yokohama recommend this out to me – and Tetsu is seldom wrong about my picking beers for how I’m feeling.

Outsider Tassie Devil W-IPA poured out a deep rich copper colour with a slight off-white head on top that lingered throughout drinking. I don’t usually like much head on my beer but this beer seemed to be a bit livelier than other double IPAs, which have been less carbonated. Outsider Tassie Devil W-IPA was very much a malt forward beer, with lashings of biscuit and sweet caramel tones coming through. The Ella hops brought a floral quality to Outsider Tassie Devil W-IPA, along with a slight spiciness that reminded me a little bit of a rye IPA. Really nice to smell it all coming together.

With a relatively low IBU for a double IPA, the bitterness had its work cut out, trying to carve its way through the malts but it did though it wasn’t as potent as I had imagined. The malts played off nicely with the spicy bite from the hops to produce a beer that was deceptively easy drinking, yet crisp. At 8%, I’m glad I ordered only the small one to start off with as I could easily drink more of Outsider Tassie Devil W-IPA as the alcohol is so well-hidden. It finished off with a hint of bitterness cutting through the sweetness, ensuring it doesn’t end up being cloying.


Outsider Tassie Devil W-IPA The Bottom Line

It’s a shame that Outsider Tassie Devil W-IPA is looking like a one-off as it’s a cracking beer. If you see it, pick up a pint or two and enjoy.

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