Kyoto Brewing 6 Day Weekend by Kyoto Brewing Company

Kyoto Brewing 6 Day Weekend

Kyoto Brewing 6 Day Weekend, or 週休6日 (shuukyuu muika) in Japanese,  is a 4.5% Belgian Ale from Kyoto Brewing Company based in Kyoto, Japan. It’s part of their seasonal lineup of craft beer and at the time of writing, can be found only on tap. Kyoto Brewing 6 Day Weekend was first released towards the end of 2016 though is still readily available so either they’re making lots of it because it’s selling quick, or maybe bars are slow to put it on tap. Kyoto Brewing 6 Day Weekend is brewed with Pilsner, Pale Ale, and Carapils malts along with Warrior hops, followed by Topaz and Mistral hops for aroma.

Kyoto Brewing 6 Day Weekend

Smooth yet rustically malty.

Kyoto Brewing 6 Day Weekend Aroma and Taste

Kyoto Brewing 6 Day Weekend poured out a hazy golden colour with a large frothy white head on top that collapsed quickly to a much smaller, compact one finger head before clinging to the side. It had a crisp bite to it, with hints of a biscuity base, followed by a faint noble hop aroma – not much going in the nose really and Kyoto Brewing 6 Day Weekend was also missing the distinct “Kyoto Brewing” funky yeast that I’ve come to associate with them.

The zesty body though made up for lack of a nose – with some citrus biscuity flavours coming through the faint hint of yeast that loitered in the body. Kyoto Brewing 6 Day Weekend seemed to be a very delicate beer, much more so than other beers from Kyoto Brewing and almost seemed out of place for a winter beer – definitely more suited to drinking at the end of spring before the hot muggy Japanese summer kicks in. Kyoto Brewing 6 Day Weekend finished off with a slight bitterness that faded fast, leaving the beer as a mere fleeting memory – if only it had lasted for a weekend.

Kyoto Brewing 6 Day Weekend The Bottom Line

Kyoto Brewing 6 Day Weekend would be a good drink on a hot day but at the tail end of winter? It seemed a tad out of place.

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