2nd Story Milk Stout by 2nd Story Ale Works

Craft Beer Bar iBrew Akihabara Beer 4・クラフトビアバル IBREW 秋葉原ビール4

2nd Story Milk Stout is a 5% milk stout from 2nd Story Ale Works, based in Tokushima, Japan. It’s part of their regular draft lineup at the time of writing, though if there are plans for bottles or canning then they are unknown. 2nd Story Milk Stout is brewed with Golden Promise, Black Patent, Chocolate, and Caramel malts, along with some oats, along with some coffee beans and healthy helping of lactose too.

Craft Beer Bar iBrew Akihabara Beer 4・クラフトビアバル IBREW 秋葉原ビール4

2nd Story Milk Stout Aroma and Taste

Milk stouts are slowly becoming a firm favourite at BeerTengoku towers – some silky creamy goodness with lashings of coffee – combining the two liquids we consume the most during the day. 2nd Story Milk Stout came up a pitch black colour with a slightly tan head. The aroma though was pretty basic – lashings of cream, coffee, chocolate, and a sugary sweetness. This is not a beer for someone who doesn’t like coffee-related drinks.

The body to 2nd Story Milk Stout had an initial smoothness that carried the chocolate and coffee flavours during drinking. The flavours did end up being one-dimensional though for most of the drinking, but that’s not a bad thing as 2nd Story Milk Stout lived up to the style. The sweet lactose sugar brought the creaminess while the malts and coffee beans brought the remaining flavours. 2nd Story Milk Stout finished up with a lingering chocolate and coffee flavour that took a while to fade.

2nd Story Milk Stout The Bottom Line

2nd Story Milk Stout lives up to the milk stout style. A good representation of the style.

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