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Home Bar Review iBeer Le Sun Palm Futakotamagawa in Futakotamagawa, Tokyo

iBeer Le Sun Palm Futakotamagawa in Futakotamagawa, Tokyo

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iBeer Le Sun Palm Futakotamagawa The Bottom Line

If you’ve been to the Shibuya branch then don’t expect anything different from the Futakotamagawa branch of iBeer Le Sun Palm. It offers some cheap beera, especially when compared to Draft Craft, with prices that don’t include tax though. The atmosphere is a little busy with the footfall from the shopping malls around you so be prepared to wait to get a seat. The whole is no-smoking and there wasn’t any table charge either. If you’re worried about Japanese then you should be fine here as a couple of the bar staff only spoke to me in English.

iBeer Le Sun Palm Futakotamagawa Inside

Airy and spacious with loud music.

iBeer Le Sun Palm Futakotamagawa The Full Review

iBeer Le Sun Palm Futakotamagawa, besides sounding like Apple have decided to open up a craft beer chain of bars, has its roots in Shibuya and has proven to be a popular place for female drinkers of craft beer. The numerous times I’ve been to the Shibuya branch, I’ve been outnumbered by the groups of female drinkers there. With this branch in Futakotamagawa, they have found some prime real property estate with it being located less than a minute from Futakotamagawa station, in one of the busiest parts of the shopping mall areas.

iBeer Le Sun Palm has plenty of space both inside, and out in the main shopping road, for both groups and smaller parties alike; however, the music blaring across the bar isn’t the most conducive to relaxing beers or regular conversations. There is space for over 60 people inside though the counter at the bar was filled up with glasses when I arrived and there was a long queue of thirsty shoppers waiting to get in. The whole bar, both inside and outside, is non-smoking, has no table charge and also a free WiFi connection for those looking to get some work done or reading the latest beer review on BeerTengoku. There is also a menu in English, while some of the staff did try to converse in English as well.

iBeer Le Sun Palm Futakotamagawa Beer Menu
Another graph to represent the flavours.
iBeer Le Sun Palm Futakotamagawa Beer 1
Shiga Kogen IPA Review:
iBeer Le Sun Palm Futakotamagawa Beer 2
The tasting set list changes but the management choose the beers.

iBeer Le Sun Palm Futakotamagawa has twelve taps of craft beer on, with one tap of Kirin Heartland on as well, so you can go with your non-craft beer drinking buddies. Without wanting to rehash iBeer Le Sun Palm review from the Shibuya branch, it seems that the beer list offers roughly the same beers at the same price: half-pint (240ml) for ¥630 and US pint (473ml) for ¥1030, with neither price including tax, so add on another 8% to that. It’s still cheaper than Draft Craft around the corner for the large beers. They also offer a four-beer tasting set, getting you 4 x 150ml beers of the four daily beers as chosen by them. Apparently, they do rotate around throughout the week. The beer came up well-served, and they also offer takeaway beers at the same price for drinking in too. There was no happy hour though.


I didn’t eat any food on the day, mainly because I had a belly full of chips at Draft Craft and was still parched from the ton of salt on the chips. There were some vegetarian options available as well as the usual BeerTengoku chips.

iBeer Le Sun Palm Futakotamagawa Details

Open: Daily 10:00 to 23:00 (L.O. Food 22:00, L.O. Drink 22:30)

Happy Hour: None

Phone: 03-6805-7110


SNS: Facebook

How to Get to iBeer Le Sun Palm Futakotamagawa

The closest station to iBeer Le Sun Palm Futakotamagawa is Futakotamagawa on the Tōkyū Den-en-toshi Line (DT-07) Tōkyū Ōimachi Line (OM-15) lines. Come out of the station and head towards Futakotamagawa Rise Shopping Center. iBeer is located on the first floor in the middle of the main walkway.

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