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Craft Beer Bar Kannai in Yokohama

by Rob

Those lazy Saturdays when the kids are at the in-laws lend themselves perfectly to some early afternoon drinking. Craft Beer Bar Kannai has been on my list of places to go for the last few years; however, whenever I have gone there, it’s either been closed, full up, or they’ve run out of beer. Luckily, the last time I went to Craft Beer Bar Kannai there was only one person in there and I was warmly welcomed.

Craft Beer Bar Kannai is located down some alleyway and is incredibly easy to walk past without realising it. Heck, it’s difficult to know if it is open or closed unless you try pulling on the door handle. Don’t let the sign “Sorry, can’t speak English” put you off. As long as you can read katakana and order in basic Japanese, then you’ll be fine. The decor is very smart and the master of the bar was wearing a waistcoat, suit, and a bow tie. I felt very underdressed in my jeans and t-shirt but thankfully there is no dress code.

Craft Beer Bar Kannai menu

Hope you like your Shiga Kogen beers, but then if you don’t, why?

Looking over the bar, the menu is dominated by Shiga Kogen beers.Craft Beer Bar Kannai has twelve taps, but nine of those were dedicated to Shiga Kogen on the day we went, with some North Island, Minoh, and a Harvest Moon on tap. Prices start out at ¥1100 for a 500ml glass, or ¥800 for a 320ml glass. If you’re only going to stop in to pick one up for the road, there is a special Yokohama Sanpo Glass, or a Yokohama walking beer, which is also ¥1000 for a plastic 500ml glass, which you can take out with you. All prices include tax so there are no surprises at the end, besides how many beers you may drink.

Craft Beer Bar Kannai 1
North Island Ultra C
Craft Beer Bar Kannai 2
Shiga Kogen 10th Anniversary
Craft Beer Bar Kannai Shiga Kogen Africa Pale Ale
Shiga Kogen Africa Pale Ale

First up, North Island Ultra C IPA, where the C stands for citra hops. This beer is not available in bottles and came highly recommended courtesy of a friend in Hokkaido (Thanks Darren!). The glass was quite thing and I was wary of breaking it. The master mentions that it is to improve the flavour, but with so many hops in, it was debatable whether it made much difference. Next up was the Shiga Kogen 10th Anniversary beer and just in time. As soon as the beer was poured, the keg kicked and I was left with the last draft of this beer. A delicious overall taste on this beer, very dry and fruity. Feeling a bit light headed, it was time for one final beer; the Shiga Kogen African Pale Ale. I had this before at Craftheads in Shibuya and enjoyed it.


Craft Beer Bar Kannai Food 1 A small snapshot of the food on sale.

There is food available at Craft Beer Bar Kannai but beer is my food and I am was not that hungry. All of the food is cooked fresh by the master and the menu was quite varied. The people next to me chose the oysters in garlic sauce with toast which made everyone in the bar hungry and soon everyone was ordering. After three beers though, I knew my time was coming up and paid my bill and said my goodbyes to the people who were now sitting either side of me. Within the two hours of me being at Craft Beer Bar Kannai, the bar had filled up and people were waiting to get in. I said my goodbyes and wandered out into the bright sunshine.

Craft Beer Bar Kannai One-Paragraph Review

Craft Beer Bar Kannai is a great place, if you can find it, to spend an afternoon listening to some relaxing jazz and having some pleasant conversation with the regulars. It can get pricey at Craft Beer Bar Kannai but the inclusion of tax, and the large glasses, make it worthwhile. Don’t forget that walking beer though.

Craft Beer Bar Kannai Details

Hours: Weekdays 4:00pm to 11:30pm Weekends: noon to 10:00pm

Holiday: Monday.

Website (in Japanese): Homepage

How to Get to Craft Beer Bar Kannai

Directions from JR Kannai station.

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Christopher Phillips September 9, 2015 - 8:51 pm

Well, some may question whether or not he actually wants foreigners in there. I didn’t used to be but I am now one of those after being turned away far too many times with flimsy excuses. Otherwise, good beers, in excellent condition and served well. I didn’t know about that take away cup. You’d have thought he would have offered me that option the last time, to get rid of me (he first said he was full so I waited quietly outside for 30 mins. A guy left and I opened the door “sorry we are full.” – all in Japanese of course and I understood – all too well.) or I certainly would have asked for it as I just wanted the one special beer and certainly didn’t want to make everyone Japanes uncomfortable by my presence or have a sign outside in English, so foreigners could just get a take out beer and not bother him with their foreignness.

Rob September 10, 2015 - 8:12 am

It’s a tough one to call. I first went there way back in 2010 and was point blank refused entry when I was a with a large group of friends. Nothing was explained as to why we couldn’t go in and forgot about the place for a few years. Next time I went back by myself, the owner was fine and we had a short chat (in Japanese) about Shiga Kogen beer. Other times I have been in, he has been friendly at times or grumpy without much explanation.


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