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Kyoto Ichii Senshin by Kyoto Brewing Company

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Kyoto Ichii Senshin is a 6.5% Belgian IPA from Kyoto Brewing Company, based in Kyoto, Japan. It’s part of their year-round range of draft beer, with “ichii senshin” roughly translating to “single-minded”. Like many of the other beers from Kyoto Brewing Company, Kyoto Ichii Senshin has a Belgian influence with the yeast being from the Belgian Ardennes strain, and the American influence coming from Warrior, Chinook, Willamette, and Centennial hops used in the brewing process, along with Styrian Goldings.

Vabene Shimokitazawa Kyoto Ichii Senshin

Kyoto Ichii Senshin – or single-minded in English.

Kyoto Ichii Senshin Aroma and Taste

Kyoto Ichii Senshin came up a golden hazy colour with a fluffy white head on top but as it was served fairly cold initially, it was hard to determine any real aromas until it had warmed up a bit. A shame that the beer was served so cold, but the chill haze stuck even when the beer had warmed up a tad. It had a pleasant grassy aroma with hints of Belgian yeast – the unmistakeable nose of Kyoto Brewing Company, it must be said. There was also a citrusy nose to it as well in the later stages of warming up, with hints of floral notes too.

Kyoto Brewing Company are well known for their usage of Belgian yeast and with Kyoto Ichii Senshin, the body has that unmistakable Belgian funk that is either going to be love or hate. The hop balance produced an interesting funky citrus bitter mix with notes of grapefruits and lemon with the fruity, yeasty Belgian flavours coming through. It’s also light and crisp too, with the merging of flavours coming through nicely as it warms up. It leaves the palate with the same fruity, yeasty Belgian funk and some hop bitterness too, before lightly fading away.

Kyoto Ichii Senshin The Bottom Line

Kyoto Ichii Senshin is a really nice Belgian IPA that is worth trying, and then another to make sure it really is that good.


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