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Gran Agri Weizen by Waku Waku Tezukuri Farm Brewery

by Rob
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So JR opened a new shinkansen line, from Tokyo to Kanazawa, and in turn, we get a new craft beer in New Days stores in the form of Gran Agri Weizen. It’s a 5% hefeweizen brewed using a new variety of wheat from Komatsu Industries based in Ishikawa and barley from the “six-row variety”.

Gran Agri Weizen

Fresh from Ishikawa prefecture comes Gran Agri Weizen. It ain’t cheap.

Gran Agri Weizen Aroma and Taste

Let’s get it out of the way, Gran Agri Weizen is not cheap by any means. Tucked in between the Kirin and Asahi at your NewDays store, Gran Agri Weizen is priced at ¥400 per can. It poured out a decent hazy golden straw colour with a reasonable amount of head for a weizen though it didn’t last. Gran Agri Weizen had a good aroma of bananas though the typical spices from a hefeweizen were not forthcoming and it felt flat.

Gran Agri Weizen tasted pretty good yet whenever someone tells me about some special wheat I can’t help but feel that I don’t get it. I can tell the difference in my bread though not knowing what this special wheat from Ishikawa prefecture tastes like feels lost on me. I guess that the extra wheatiness could be from this special brand of wheat that has been used. It did have a clean aftertaste though with weizens, is that a good thing?

Gran Agri Weizen One Line Review

Gran Agri Weizen is an average weizen though I would like to try it again as the extra special makes me want to buy it all. Perhaps.


Where to Buy Gran Agri Weizen

At the time of writing, Gran Agri Weizen can be bought at stations that are serviced by the Hokuriki shinkansen and also NewDays within JR stations in Kantou. We haven’t seen it online anywhere.

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