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Vertere Globba by Vertere

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Vertere Globba is a 6.5% spiced stout from Vertere, based in Oku-tama, in Tokyo, Japan. It’s part of their regular lineup and can be found in both cans and on tap across various places in Japan. Vertere Globba is brewed using Pale 2 row, Maris Otter, Carafa, Black, Flaked Oats, and Melanoidin, and then hopped with imported Hallertau hops from Germany. Vertere Globba also uses imported Indian chai spice too – something which doesn’t have a favourable history on BeerTengoku. Let’s hope that this isn’t a spice bomb too.

Vertere Globba・バテレグロバVertere Globba Aroma and Taste

Vertere Globba poured out a pitch black colour with a fluffy, slightly off-white head on top. The head faded fast, not before it left some sticky off-white residue on the side of the glass. The aroma was obviously one of chai spice, but thankfully, it didn’t smell like someone had dump a metric ton of the stuff into one single can. The aroma was noticeable, but soft, on the nose, with some hints of chocolate and coffee also coming into play too.

The body had an initial smoothness to it that was punctuated with the chai spice poking through. Vertere Globba also had a coffee and chocolate body to it that made it feel like a warming winter drink rather than an actual alcoholic beverage. As Vertere Globba got warmer, the chocolate and coffee flavours blended nicely into one another, with the chai helping to also bring a subtle ginger-like flavour to it. The lingering chai spice in the aftertaste meant the flavours hung around for a bit longer before leaving a sticky ginger-like flavour to it.

Vertere Globba The Bottom Line

Whoever held back on the chai spice deserves a pay-rise – it made Vertere Globba a very likeable beer.


Where to Buy Vertere Globba

Vertere Globba can be bought online at the following places:

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