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Baird Rising Sun Pale Ale by Baird Beer

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Rising Sun Pale Ale is one of Baird Beer’s main beers and is also one of their most popular beers on tap, found at all of their taprooms all year round, and also at other places, such as Good Beer Faucets. Moreover, it can also be found overseas, such as in Thailand and in Australia.

Baird Rising Sun Pale Ale


Rising Sun Pale Ale Aroma and Taste

Rising Sun Pale Ale pours out quite well, without much head, but a nice dull amber colour once it has settled down, which doesn’t take so long. The head stayed around for a while before dissipating away, and the malt and hoppy aroma helped make up for it. The aromas were not too potent and were tinted with a subtle citrus smell too.

Rising Sun Pale Ale is slightly carbonated, enough for the aromas to carry but not so gassy that you feel bloated after drinking. The body of the beer was thin but crisp and refreshing. The initial taste was of caramel and malty with a floral aftertaste. Very easy to drink and at 5%, a good session ale to have on the go.

Rising Sun Pale Ale One-line review

Rising Sun Pale Ale is a good pale ale that does not try to pack in too much flavour. Well worth finding this.


Where to buy Rising Sun Pale Ale

Rising Sun Pale Ale can be bought online at the following places:

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