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Cube Bar in Kawasaki, Kanagawa

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Cube Bar The Bottom Line

It’s tough to recommend Cube Bar at all – high prices that don’t include tax, a bizarre “service charge” system of 13% means the more you drink, the more extra charges you have to pay in the end, and it’s all smoking too. For those two reasons, I’d say avoid the place if you can. The only saving grace is the chips and chili fries, but even then, the portion size is tiny. Kawasaki is begging for more craft beer places but not of this kind. If you are desperate for a beer, then either go over to TT Brewery or On The Marks instead.

Cube Bar Inside

Spartan outside, but more character inside.

Cube Bar The Full Review

Cube Bar popped up on our radar when looking for craft beer places in Kawasaki from a friend of mine who seems to frequent there a lot. The bar has been open since 2008, though it started out back in 2002 without the craft beer. Cube Bar is located about a five minute walk from JR Kawasaki and Keikyu Kawasaki stations in what appears to be one of the main drinking areas on the east side of the station.

From the outside, Cube Bar looks quite sparse, with lots of wood outside and the sign above the door. However, inside is a complete different matter, with lots of white and black. There are two floors to Cube Bar, though we sat on the first floor only as the bar wasn’t busy at all on the day we went. The first floor has space for about six people at the counter with about 5 tables dotted around the walls. The second floor is more for large groups and parties up to twenty people. The whole bar is smoking unfortunately – it would have been nice to have had the second floor as the smoking floor but alas no. There isn’t a table charge either but something even stranger.

Cube Bar Beer List
Um yeah, we need to talk about these prices.
Cube Bar Ise Kadoya Up Up IPA
Ise Kadoya Up Up IPA
Cube Bar Shonan W-IPA
Shonan W-IPA

There are four taps of craft beer on at Cube Bar, with the majority of them for domestic beer; however, there is also imported beers on tap from time to time as well. They also stock a small range of bottles and cans too, with the majority of them being imports, available elsewhere for much cheaper. Beers come in three sizes small (180ml) at ¥650, regular (300ml) at ¥890 and US pint (473ml) at ¥1250. There is no tasting set available nor a beer happy hour.


The most annoying thing about Cube Bar is the 13% service charge – above and beyond the usual tax of 8%. Perhaps this is a small gripe of mine but this is a major down point to drinking in Japan – these silly charges that get added on at the end. If you have one US pint, it’s going to cost you ¥1412, an extra ¥163 yen. Do that three times and you’ve paid a table charge and then some more. Of course, you want some food and before you know it, you’ve paid ¥1,000 yen extra – above the cost of tax and regular table charges.

Cube Bar Food

Tasty fries but was still hungry.

The food at Cube Bar leans heavily towards meat dishes, so those vegetarian readers may have some difficulty in getting what they want. The chili fries were tasty, if not on the small side of servings.

Cube Bar Details

Open: Monday to Saturday 17:00 to 02:00 (L.O Food 01:00 Drink 01:30) Sunday 17:00 to 0:00 (L.O Food 11:00 Drink 11:30)

Happy Hour: None

Phone: 044-200-8628

Homepage (in Japanese): http://www.cube-bar.com/top.html

SNS: Facebook

How to Get to Cube Bar

The closest stations to Cube Bar are JR Kawasaki and Keikyu Kawasaki.

Directions from JR Kawasaki

Take the east exit and Cube Bar is about a five-minute walk away.

Directions from Keikyu Kawasaki

Take the east exit and Cube Bar is about a five-minute walk.

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