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Mmm Booze Shop, also known as Mmmboozeshop, is the online shop component for what could be considered to be Kanagawa’s finest booze shop – Minemart. The unusual thing about this Minemart is that in spite of it being part of the group, it is actually a franchise store, and as such, they can carry a wide range of stock that is definitely not found at other branches of Minemart – and I’ve checked a fair few of them in the hope of their being some offerings.

If you can get to Minemart in Chigasaki, then make sure you go by car, or if you’re like me, then a suitably sized beer carrying device as you will end up getting a few. You can also buy beers instore and they will ship them to your house, if, like me, you end up buying too much. Otherwise, if you’re feeling lazy and like to have cold beer delivered to your front door on a Saturday morning, then get onto the website.

The site is fairly basic in terms of options, so you may find yourself wasting time going through all the beers but there is a great selection of both domestic and international beers, that have been conveniently split up into their categories. There is also an option to split the beers up by styles, though there is no way to choose a particular brewery or region – the only downside I guess.

Prices are towards the lower end and their online prices are the same as their in-store prices, so either way, you can be rest assured that the only extra cost you’re paying for is the shipping fees. All beers are shipping cold.

  • Kanagawa costs ¥900
  • Kanto costs ¥1,050
  • Tohoku to Kyushu costs ¥1,200
  • Hokkaido costs ¥1,600
  • Okinawa costs ¥1,800

Mmm Booze Shop : Details

Mmm Booze Shop : Location

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