Brussels Beer Project Shinjuku in Shinjuku, Tokyo

Brussels Beer Project Shinjuku Front・ブラッセルズビアプロジェクト新宿フロント

Brussels Beer Project Shinjuku The Bottom Line

If you come to Brussels Beer Project Shinjuku to find some cheap domestic beer, then you’re going to be severely let down. If you like Brussels Beer Project beers then Brussels Beer Project Shinjuku will be right up your street – if you can afford it. At least those yen coins won’t be weighing you down as you walk around Shinjuku. At least Brussels Beer Project Shinjuku has plenty of taps to choose from and a nice relaxed atmosphere to sit and drink in. Both floors of Brussels Beer Project Shinjuku are non-smoking and the bar also has free Wifi with the details on the chalkboards around the bar. There isn’t much choice of food, but there are some vegan options besides the usual meaty choices. However, I’d definitely go again – if someone else is paying.

Brussels Beer Project Shinjuku Inside・ブラッセルズビアプロジェクト新宿店内

Brussels Beer Project Shinjuku The Full Review

Brussels Beer Project Shinjuku opened up in May 2017 to much fanfare – another branch of a European based brewery opening a taproom in Tokyo, alongside Mikkeller Tokyoøl by Oslo Brewing Company, Brewdog, and others. However, Brussels Beer Project Shinjuku took over the bar that was once Cafe Hoegaarden. If you don’t know about Brussels Beer Project, then a brief history is needed – Brussels Beer Project is a brewery based in Belgium that are trying to get drinkers trying other styles of beers from Belgium besides dubbels and tripels – a shame as they’re nice beers. This bar opened up as they saw an increase in their sales in Tokyo and thought “let’s cut out the middle man and make some money ourselves” – nothing wrong with that I guess.

Brussels Beer Project Shinjuku is situated in between Yoyogi and Shinjuku stations, just a few seconds up the road from YYG Brewery and Beer Kitchen. There are two floors to the bar – the first which is mostly counter space and some tables at the back, with the second floor being more of a sit-down affair. There is space for about 50 people inside, with the aforementioned counter seating 10 and another 8 at the back, while the second floor has space for about 40 people at various tables. There’s also the possibility to stand outside and drink if the bar is full up though it’s not very often that happens apparently. The whole place is also non-smoking and there is no table charge either.

Brussels Beer Project Shinjuku has 18 taps of craft beer, with 10 of their own taps on, and the other taps dedicated towards guest beers with those mostly being domestic craft beer. The beers come in two sizes: 250ml from ¥750, and 350ml from ¥1,200. Clearly the bar is aimed at those craft beer fans with a bit of extra money to splurge as Brussels Beer Project Shinjuku lies at the pricier end of the scale, in particular with the guest beers costing at least ¥150 – ¥200 more than the in-house beers. To be expected but still not a nice thought. Thankfully all the prices include tax as I wouldn’t have been able to cope with paying anything more than that. There is also special Thursday tasting offer where you can pay ¥2,000 and get 60 mins of unlimited tasters if you so wish.

There weren’t many food choices though at the bar, with just some smaller dishes on offer, so make sure you eat before coming here – but with those bear prices, I doubt you will be drinking too much here. There is a falafel option, which I jumped at the chance of; however, the other choices are all meat based.

Brussels Beer Project Shinjuku Details

Open: Daily 17:00 – 24:00 (L.O Food 23:00 Drink 23:30)

Happy Hour: N/A

Phone: 03-5388-5523


Social Media: Facebook / Instagram

How to Get to Brussels Beer Project Shinjuku

The closest stations to Brussels Beer Project Shinjuku are Yoyogi and Shinjuku.

Directions from Yoyogi Station
Directions from Shinjuku Station
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