Home Bar Review Closed: Bamboo Beer Pub in Shinjuku, Tokyo

Closed: Bamboo Beer Pub in Shinjuku, Tokyo

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Editor Note: Bamboo Beer Pub has closed down. This review has been kept for posterity’s sake

Bamboo Beer Pub The Bottom Line

Bamboo Beer Pub is not the easiest place to find though it is a nice cosy little place located off the beaten track for some, which is worth a visit if you’re in the general vicinity. While the beer list is not extensive, with only four beers on tap, the chilled atmosphere and reasonable prices make up for some of it. All of the prices include tax, there is no table charge, and the owner is friendly and chatty too. There was a little bit of English on the menus and the owner will try to explain things if you struggle.

Bamboo Beer Pub Inside

Chilled out and more fun that it seems.

Bamboo Beer Pub The Full Review

Located near Shinjukugyoen-Mae station, Bamboo Beer Pub is firstly not an easy place to find. Without any noticeable outside signs on the main road, nor signs near the building, it’s only when you eventually get to the back of the building do you see a sign for the bar. It’s been around though since 2010, so some people must have not had any problems trying to find it. With three other bars in the area at the time of writing: Vector Beer, Vector Beer Factory, and also Highbury; that are all easier to find, I have to admit I was tempted to go elsewhere until Bamboo Beer Pub’s sign suddenly popped up and downstairs I went.

Bamboo Beer Pub is a pretty small place by comparison – there are two tables for groups of four, with some counter seating and also some seats in front of the book counter. Inside, it was bright enough to read a book and see around but dark enough so the lights didn’t blind you. The atmosphere was very chilled – it had the feel that it used to be a snack bar or pub with its size and also quite blues and jazz music playing in the background. Bamboo Beer Pub doesn’t have a table charge though while the bar itself is non-smoking, people do have to go outside the door to smoke. Not ideal seeing as smoke would get blown in but better than having it in your face.

Bamboo Beer Pub Beer 1
Not the best list we've come across.
Bamboo Beer Pub Coedo Marihana
Coedo Marihana

The tap list, well, it isn’t bad but it’s not worth trekking out for if you’re looking for variety. There are four taps of beer on, with the split varying between domestic Japanese and imported. There are also two sizes of beer half US pint (240ml) for ¥700 and US pint (470ml) for ¥1,000. Some of the stronger beers incur an extra charge on them so be warned. There is no happy hour nor tasting set; however, all prices include tax, so there aren’t any surprises either when you pay as you go or at the end of the evening. Bamboo Beer Pub do post their beer lists on their Twitter feed daily, so if you’re in doubt about what’s on, take a look.


MMMM..pickles MMMM..pickles

With Bamboo Beer Pub having a small kitchen area, the food list is pretty simple and leans more towards some finger foods and side dishes – so no chips for BeerTengoku today. However, the pickles were tasty and got quite a large portion for the price as well.

Bamboo Beer Pub Details

Open: Daily 17:00 to 02:00

Happy Hour: None

Phone: 03-3352-5356

Homepage (in Japanese): http://beerbamboo.jugem.jp/?pid=1

SNS: Facebook / Twitter

How to Get to Bamboo Beer Pub

The closest station to Bamboo Beer Pub is Shinjukugyoen-Mae Station (M10) on the Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line. Either exit two or three is best to get there. Bamboo Beer Pub is located in the basement of the building and there are staircases at the front and back of the building.

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