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DD4D South Meets North by DD4D Brewing

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DD4D South Meets North is a 11% imperial stout from DD4D Brewing, based in Matsuyama, in Ehime, Japan. It’s part of their collaborative range and can be found in both cans and on draught. DD4D South Meets North was brewed in conjunction with North Island Beer, based in Ebetsu, Hokkaido, hence the name South (DD4D) Meets North (North Island Beer). In terms of adjuncts, DD4D South Meets North is brewed with coriander and jalapeños.

DD4D South Meets North

DD4D South Meets North : At A Glance


  • Alcohol : 11%
  • Style : Imperial stout
  • Hops : Cascade and Nugget
  • IBU :

Sale Information

  • Availability : Limited
  • On Sale : From January 2022
  • Size : 350 ml
  • Price : From 700 yen

Aroma & Taste

  • Notable Aromas : Rich chocolate and coffee aroma with slight spiciness from herbs. Low alcohol heat present with some nuttiness as warms. Roasted black malt present.
  • Notable Tastes : Rich chocolate and coffee flavours with warming heat though not overpowering. Light alcohol heat with a medium dry body.

DD4D South Meets North : Aroma & Taste

DD4D South Meets North poured out a pitch black colour with a medium amount of tan head that left some streaks down the side of the side. The aroma was first and foremost chocolate, of a rich milky variety, which was swiftly followed up with a roasted caramel and coffee aroma. Though coriander and jalapeños had been added, they were more of an aside in terms of aromas, with just a light warming nuttiness coming through, but that warmth could have come from the alcohol as it was hard to discern the difference.

The body to DD4D South Meets North didn’t kick off with a spicy heat from the jalapeños, but instead of a rich chocolate and coffee flavour. There was some heat to the beer, but again, it could have been from the alcohol as it wasn’t a spicy heat that you’d normally associate with the peppers. The heat was warming mind and helped elevate the chocolate flavour to DD4D South Meets North, so those worried about this beer being potent need not worry. Overall, DD4D South Meets North had a dry medium body and didn’t feel like it was an 11% imperial stout, but something much lighter, which meant it was more drinkable.

DD4D South Meets North : The Bottom Line

DD4D South Meets North puts a good twist on a style that sometimes can be staid though the heat could be ramped up a notch.


DD4D South Meets North : Where to Buy

DD4D South Meets North can be bought online at the following places:

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