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Open Air Island Sunset by Open Air Brewing

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Open Air Island Sunset is a 5.5% modern IPA from Open Air Brewing, based in Kobe, in Hyogo, Japan. It’s part of their canned and draught lineup though its availability is unknown at the time of writing. Open Air Island Sunset is brewed using Trident Salvo, Vic Secret, Cascade, Lotus, Mandarina Bavaria, and Mosaic hops, along with using a London ale yeast.

Open Air Island Sunset

Open Air Island Sunset : At A Glance

  • Alcohol: 5.5%
  • Style: Modern IPA
  • Hops: Trident Salvo, Vic Secret, Cascade, Lotus, Mandarina Bavaria, and Mosaic
  • Adjuncts: Oats
  • IBU: Unknown

Sale Information

  • Availability: Unknown
  • On Sale: From October 2022
  • Size: 350 ml
  • Price: From ¥550

Aroma & Taste

  • Notable Aroma: Tropical aroma of pineapple and mango with citrus notes and slight pine nose. Light malt sweetness.
  • Notable Taste: Smooth bitterness with tropical and citrus flavours. Low malt sweetness with dry body.

Open Air Island Sunset : Aroma & Taste

Open Air Island Sunset poured out a hazy golden yellow colour with a massive amount of frothy head – it was a very lively beer from the get go! After letting the head settle for what seemed like an eternity – probably more like five minutes in reality, Open Air Island Sunset had a mixture of aromas going on. The first to come through were a tropical bunch of smells with pineapple and mango being at the forefront, before a slightly dank, pine-like quality came through with some citrus notes of grapefruit, lemon, and also lime. In terms of malt properties, there was just a light touch of sweetness, but it was hops all the way with Open Air Island Sunset.

The body to Open Air Island Sunset began with a smooth bitterness that was pronounced but not punchy, and brought with it a wave of hoppy flavours. The base of that wave was the tropical notes found in the nose, that was then followed up with the citrus notes and a slight pine residual flavour that outlasted them all. The body was rather light and dry, with a touch of malt sweetness to balance out the hops. It was the plethora of hops in Open Air Island Sunset that brought the beer to a lingering close on the palate, with the pine-like quality being the one that lasted the longest in the aftertaste.

Open Air Island Sunset : The Bottom Line

Open Air Island Sunset may have a lot of hops going on, but that means a well rounded beer is turned out here.


Open Air Island Sunset : Where to Buy

Open Air Island Sunset can be bought online at the following places:

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