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Mugihigeya in Mizonokuchi, Kanagawa

by Rob
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Mugihigeya : The Bottom Line

If you like oysters with your beer, then is a cosy little place to have a couple of beers with your oysters, but I don’t like oysters, yet I still liked Mugihigeya, in spite of perhaps the rather cramped surroundings. The main downfall for Mugihigeya, in spite of the oysters, is the price of the beer – it’s rather expensive for what you get. A shame really as it has the potential to be a nice little hole in the wall place for the local community.

Mugihigeya : The Full Review

You wait for a new craft beer bar to open up in a town and you end up with a few of them opening up within the space of a year or so, with Mugihigeya having opened in October 2021 – not the best time to open a bar, what with Covid-19 going on. However, it seemed that the previous owners had left and someone decided that it would be a good place to have a craft beer bar – literally a stone’s throw away from Mizonokuchi station.

If you do make it out to Mugihigeya, just remember that you need to take the left-hand side door to access the bar. If you manage to take the right-hand side door, it will sound an alarm that someone is trying to get in and you get staff asking you what you are doing. Why they didn’t lock the door is beyond me but it’s not fun trying to explain to someone that you thought it was the entrance.

Mugihigeya : Atmosphere & Interior

As you enter Mugihigeya, by the correct door this time, you are more than likely to walk into some standing customer or a lone chair, as it’s pretty, well, cozy inside. There is space for 10 people inside, with 4 chairs at various counter-like places, and then 2 people next to the kitchen – not an ideal place to sit when they’re cooking as there’s nothing to stop any random splatters of food hitting you, and then finally a small table for 4 people. I can imagine that when there are 5 or 6 people in here, it must seem like a full up place.


Thankfully though Mugihigeya is non-smoking – that would have been terrible in a place this cramped, and there is also no table charge. There was a small TV playing something on but it wasn’t loud enough to really make out what was going on, unless you were fully focussed on it.

Mugihigeya : Beer & Tap Information

There are 7 taps of beer on at Mugihigeya, with one of those being dedicated to a macro lager, though they put it firmly in the middle of the menu. Why not at the beginning or the end is beyond me, and kind of bugged me a little bit. However, that’s not the worst – the pours and prices really were quite high for the beers on tap. The beers come in three sizes: small (240 ml) from ¥780, regular (350 ml) from ¥980, and then pint (473 ml) from ¥1180. The prices did include tax but the pours were horrendous with too much head on them for that price. I did ask for the beers to be topped up but I was refused by the staff as “that’s how it’s done”. There wasn’t any happy hour nor any beer flights, but the latter was to be expected as I doubt there would have been enough space for any extra glasses to have been kept here.

Mugihigeya : Food Information

In spite of them having a full menu out at Mugihigeya, the one above was not available to order from as it was “lunch time” – which meant either oysters, which I can not stand the texture of, or a massive pasta dish, which I did not want to have. I protested and asked if I could have something from the above menu but was told, emphatically, that only the lunch menu was on. As you can see, the menus are all in Japanese, and the vegetarian options are pretty sparse – some popcorn, chips, or maybe some carrots along with beans.

Mugihigeya : Details

Mugihigeya : Location

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