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Tsukuba Brewing Pebbles in Tsukuba, Ibaraki

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Tsukuba Brewing Pebbles The Bottom Line

There isn’t much in the Tsukuba area, so Tsukuba Brewing Pebbles has the local brewing scene kind of sewn up really. However, the beers were drinkable, which can be a rarity for a relatively new brewery, well priced, and came in decent sizes. The whole place is non-smoking and has a small outside drinking area with some tables set up, though the smell of curry that emanates from next door is hard to ignore. All the prices include tax and for those with families and pets, the brewpub is also family and pet friendly – a nice little way to build up the community.

Tsukuba Brewing Pebbles The Full Review

I had heard about Tsukuba Brewing Pebbles from a friend and I was in the area that day going a cycle with some friends. However, with Japan’s strict zero tolerance to drink-driving, it meant there was a long walk back to the station after a couple of beers – but I was willing to put my body on the line for the BeerTengoku readers.

Tsukuba Brewing Pebbles is located in Tsukuba city, about 3 kms from Tsukuba Station, in Ibaraki, on the Tsukuba Express line. Tsukuba is best known for being a major science hub in Japan, with Tsukuba University being at the forefront. With a JAXA office also in the area, I was surprised that there wasn’t more craft beer in the area, especially with the comparatively large foreign population too. The bar opened in June 2020, with the license coming a few months later.

Tsukuba Brewing Pebbles Inside


Tsukuba Brewing Pebbles Atmosphere and Interior

Tsukuba Brewing Pebbles has seating for about for 6 people inside, and then another 12 or so outside, with plenty of standing room too. The tanks for the brewery are fully on show as well, and if you go at the right time, you can watch the brewers making the beer – almost like a zoo exhibit. The inside is light and airy, with lots of light colours adorning the wall, and lighter coloured woods being used around the bar.

There was some background music being played – loud enough so you could hear it, but not so loud that it drowned out conversations. There is no table charge at Tsukuba Brewing Pebbles and ther is also some free WiFi in the area.

Tsukuba Brewing Pebbles Approach to Covid-19

Tsukuba Brewing Pebbles practises social distancing where possible – on the day we went, there were some groups but they were spaced far apart. All of the staff wore protective masks, and there is alcohol spray around the bar for people to use freely.

Tsukuba Brewing Pebbles Beer 1Tsukuba Brewing Pebbles Beer 2Tsukuba Brewing Pebbles Beer 3

Tsukuba Brewing Pebbles Beers & Tap Lineup Information

Being a brewpub means that all the beers at Tsukuba Brewing Pebbles are brewed in-house and that also means the majority, if not all, of the taps are Tsukuba Brewing Pebbles own creations. There are six taps of beer at Tsukuba Brewing Pebbles and the beers come in a variety of styles of glasses and sizes. It’s a weird one to write but bear with me. The three sizes of beer are 1/2 UK pint (284ml) from ¥600, 3/4 pint (426ml) from ¥600, and UK pint size (568ml) from ¥700 – with all prices including tax. I was honestly shocked to be paying so little for such a large beer – perhaps I have been living in Tokyo for too long and gotten used to high prices.

There is also a beer tasting set on the menu that gets you three 200ml glasses of any beer on the menu, plus some mixed nuts for ¥1,200. Moreover, all the beers can be bought to drink off-site too, though you do have to provide your own container. One point to note, and not surprising with prices this low, there is no happy hour.

Tsukuba Brewing Pebbles Food

Tsukuba Brewing Pebbles Food

On the day that I went to Tsukuba Brewing Pebbles, I didn’t unfortunately have anything to eat – kind of stupid of me, but I had lots of snacks in my bicycle bags to get through and I didn’t want to waste any food. However, there are some food options though they are rather basic – the staple food of BeerTengoku being chips though IS on the menu so that’s worth getting. On the other hand, what is on the menu did sound appetising, with Tsukuba Brewing Pebbles using locally sourced vegetables and meats where possible. The menus were all in English, as well as in Japanese, with some options for vegetarians and vegans alike, but not much.

Tsukuba Brewing Pebbles Details

  • Open: Weekdays 17:00 – 24:00 (L.O Food 23:00 Drink 23:30) Weekends 12:00 – 24:00 (L.O Food 23:00 Drink 23:30)
  • Closed: Mondays
  • Happy Hour: N/A
  • Phone: 029-846-7252
  • Homepage (in Japanese): N/A
  • Social Media: Facebook / Instagram

How to Get to Tsukuba Brewing Pebbles

The closest station to Tsukuba Brewing Pebbles is Tsukuba Station on the Tsukuba Express. It’s then either a 3km walk or taxi ride from the station.

Getting to Tsukuba Brewing Pebbles by bus

Getting to Tsukuba Brewing Pebbles on foot

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