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Noodle House Laundry in Chiyoda, Tokyo

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Noodle House Laundry : The Bottom Line

If you’re looking for somewhere cheap and cheerful to have a few beers inside Tokyo station, and you can manage to get a seat, then Noodle House Laundry is a good choice. It’s always been busy though when I’ve walked past it so you may have to go early. Like other places in the chain, Noodle House Laundry offers up a good selection of beers with some tasty food.

Noodle House Laundry Inside

Noodle House Laundry : The Full Review

Without wanting to rehash the reviews of The Office in Ebisu, Tokyo and Biajuku Laundry in Fujisawa, Kanagawa et al, we’re going to keep this a short review today as Noodle House Laundry isn’t too dissimilar to those branches. However, what it does have going for it over the other places is its location inside of Tokyo station. It can be quite hard to find, but it’s on the B1 floor of the Gransta Tower and it opened in May 2022.

Noodle House Laundry : Atmosphere & Interior

Noodle House Laundry has both inside and “outside” drinking areas, though as it is underground, the outside drinking area is just actually in the passageways of the Gransta building. Overall, there is space for around 80 people, with around 20 seats located at the big horseshoe shaped counter in the middle of the bar. There is no table charge at Noodle House Laundry and there is also some free wifi.

Noodle House Laundry : Beer & Tap Information

Noodle House Laundry has 15 taps of craft beer, and occasionally cider, on with similar prices and sizes as Norah. It has a very familiar feel to the beer list and the menus – the blackboards up above the bar displaying some basic information about the beers, and the paper menus with the beer list and a small infographic about how each beer tastes. It’s quaint and useful for those who don’t know the difference between a helles and a kölsch, but more experience drinkers may eschew its usefulness.


The beer menu is a tad confusing when it comes to order but it has been split into standard (“easy” to find beers), special (slightly “harder” to find) and rare (“uber” difficult to track down) with beers coming in two sizes: small (240 ml) at ¥680, ¥790, and ¥1130 yen for each category of rarity, and then pint (473 ml) at ¥1030, ¥1160, and ¥1480. The rarity is indicated by a small symbol on the paper menu, so you are at least aware of how much you are going to pay. There wasn’t any beer flight on offer, nor any happy hour either. The beers were well poured though with just a touch of head on the beer.

Noodle House Laundry : Food Information

Noodle House Laundry offers up a mixture of noodles dishes but also the standard dishes found at other branches of this chain. I didn’t get any of the noodle dishes when I went to the bar as I had already eaten plus the place was extremely busy so I will save it for the next time I go to Noodle House Laundry.

The dishes are based around Japanese izakaya items, so salads, fried food, yakitori, oden, and the such. The food is really delicious though the portion sizes do leave a lot to be desired for. The menus are all in Japanese, so while you can get away with some rudimentary Japanese, there were no English menu options nor English speaking staff. There are some vegetarian options as well, besides the basics of salad.

Noodle House Laundry : Information

  • Open : Daily 11:00 – 23:00 (L.O Food 22:00 Drink 22:30)
  • Closed :
  • Happy Hour :
  • Phone : 03-6256-0339
  • Homepage (in Japanese) :
  • Social Media : Facebook / Instagram

Noodle House Laundry : Location

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