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Shiokaze BrewLab Information

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Shiokaze BrewLab is a brewpub located in Soga, Chiba. The bar opened in June 2020, while the brewery itself is in the final stages of development. Shiokaze BrewLab takes it name from an incident that occurred when Chris Poel, owner and head brewer of Shiokaze BrewLab was working at Baird Beer and a wind came in, damaging, if not destroying, the hops, but the kanji used in the name refers to a sea breeze – an homage to Soga’s closeness to the sea. The BrewLab part comes from the idea of Chris Poel wanting to teach others how to brew and educating others about beer.

Shiokaze BrewLab Lineup

The following are some of the beers from Shiokaze BrewLab we’ve had:

  • Shiokaze Mango Impact Ale – a 6% fruited American IPA that uses mango puree during the fermentation process.
  • Shiokaze Kahawia Ale – a 7% brown ale that takes its name from the Swahili word “kahawia” means brown
  • Shiokaze Shibakuzo – an 8.5% American strong ale.
  • Shiokaze Vienna Ale – a 5% Vienna beer that was part of their collaborative efforts and was brewed to celebrate the fifth anniversary of Craft Beer Market Kichijoji.

Shiokaze BrewLab Articles

The following are some of the beers from Shiokaze BrewLab articles:

Shiokaze BrewLab Details

Address: 260-0842 Chiba, Chuo Ward, Minamicho, 2−6−10, 101


Phone: 043-386-4450

Homepage (in Japanese): N/A

Online Store: N/A

Social Media: Facebook / Instagram

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