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Octone Brewing Information

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Octone Brewing, pronounced o-ku-to-one, is a brewery and brewpub located in Minakami, in Gunma, Japan. Octone Brewing opened in April 2018 in an area of Japan that is more famous for its scenery and sports in the area than for its beer. Octone Brewing is located in a corner of the Yubara Onsen district, which is a downtown area of ​​Mizukami Onsen surrounded by nature. With Octone Brewing being situated near a source of water, all of their beers use water sourced locally from the River Tone. Moreover, Octone Brewing try to utilise as much locally grown produce for adjuncts, such as fruits and grains, in their beers. Octone Brewing came about as part of a local project,  “Minakami Onsen Renovation Town Development Project”, which has been underway since July 2017 with the support of Gunma Prefecture, Minakami Town, and Minakami Town Chamber of Commerce. This is to solve the problems of the Minakami Onsen district, such as the decline in population, aging, shortage of successors, increase in vacant stores and houses, and loss of employment, with a new business, and to rejuvenate the local hot spring town.

Octone Brewing Lineup

The following are some of the beers from Octone Brewing that we have tried.

  • Octone Ale – a 5% American wheat ale brewed using Cascade, Citra, and Simcoe hops imported from the USA
  • Octone Kayaba Saison – a 5.5% saison brewed using Belgian yeast and uses Magnum, Kent, Hallertau, and Willamette hops.
  • Octone Mori No Porter – a 4.5% English porter that uses only Fuggle hops.
  • Octone Upstream IPA by Octone Brewing – a 6.5% American IPA brewed using imported Cascade, Citra, Simcoe, and Amarillo hops.
  • Octone Yamabito Ale by Octone Brewing – a 5.5% English / American pale ale that ses only imported US Cascade hops with an English style pale ale for its base.
  • Octone Yuzu Saison – a 5.5% fruit beer that uses a saison base which is then infused using locally sourced yuzu, or Japanese citron, from the base of Mt. Akagi.

Octone Brewing Details

Address: 702-2 Yubara, Minakami, Tone District, Gunma 379-1617

Phone: 0278-25-4520


Homepage (in Japanese): https://oct-1.com/

Online Store: https://octonebrewing.stores.jp/

Social Media: Facebook

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