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Hi no Tani Kogen Beer Information

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Hi no Tani Beer

Photo courtesy of Hi no Tani Beer

Hi no Tani Kogen Beer is a craft beer brewery located in Mie, Japan. They are also sometimes called Fire Valley Beer as well, though since 2015, their beers have been progressively marketed under the Japanese name. It’s part of the Mizawa resort, that first opened in 1954, with the brewery itself opening in July 1998. The brewery came about when the resort owner travelled to the USA on holiday and saw the increasing range of craft beers and thought was amazed by the pale ales found over there. The owner came back to Japan and was intent on opening ad brewery that could make similar tasting beers to those found in America. Hi no Tani Kogen Beer also uses locally sourced natural spring water from the area in all of their beers.

Hi no Tani Kogen Beer Lineup

The following are part of Hi no Tani Kogen Beer’s all year round lineup.

Hi no Tani Kogen Beer Seasonal Lineup

The following are part of Hi no Tani’s seasonal lineup


Hi no Tani Kogen Beer Details

Address: 6121 Yacchi, Misugi-machi, Tsu-shi, Mie Prefecture, Japan 515-3421

Phone: 059-272-1101

Homepage (in Japanese): http://www.misugi.com/beer.html

Online store (in Japanese): http://hinotani.thebase.in/

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