YYG Factory in Chiba, Chiba

YYG Factory Front

YYG Factory The Bottom Line Out of the two locations that YYG have, I preferred this branch over the Yoyogi one. The atmosphere was nice and chilled, there was a decent selection of beers on tap with enough variety to keep everyone happy, even though the glasses were on the small size, and the servings were. However, the food is …


Shiokaze BrewStand in Soga, Chiba

Shiokaze BrewStand Front

Shiokaze BrewStand The Bottom Line In spite of travelling for almost 90 minutes to get here, I was pleasantly surprised by Shiokaze BrewStand and would happily travel again to get here. It ticks off everything I want in a bar – a decent amount of taps with enough variety on them, cheap prices that include tax, and some decent music …

Makuhari Brewery in Makuhari, Chiba

Makuhari Brewery Front

Makuhari Brewery The Bottom Line If you live, or shopping, in the vicinity of Makuhari Brewery, then you’ve got somewhere to get beer from, but personally I wouldn’t travel this far to the middle of nowhere to come here. Makuhari Brewery does offer up a nice relaxing atmosphere for some family time with food and beers, and a cozy coffee …