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Shiokaze Shibakuzo by Shiokaze BrewLab

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Shiokaze Shibakuzo is an 8.5% American strong ale from Shiokaze BrewLab, based in Soga, in Chiba, Japan. At the time of writing, it is unknown whether Shiokaze Shibakuzo is part of their regular lineup or not, but it can be found in both bottles and on tap, mostly across Kanto. If you’ve had the Baird Bakayaro by Baird Beer, then you’re probably familiar with Shiokaze Shibakuzo as it uses the original recipe that once made that beer.

Shiokaze Shibakuzo

Shiokaze Shibakuzo Aroma and Taste

Shiokaze Shibakuzo poured out a dark ruby brown colour with a large frothy, off-white head on top that took ages to collapse in on itself. The aroma coming off the beer was one of malt – think caramel and some raisins – though there was a slight fruitiness to it, with a light stone fruit aroma coming along for the ride. Those wanting some hoppiness from Shiokaze Shibakuzo will end up disappointed, in spite of it clocking in at an IBU of 90, there was nothing to note from the hops in the aroma.

The body was a full on bold experience – a light caramel body with hints of fruitiness coming along – and a well hidden booziness that just begins to creep in as Shiokaze Shibakuzo starts to warm up. The lingering caramel flavour doesn’t become overly sweet or cloying and could be best said to be like a light barleywine. The aftertaste was sweet, with just a hint of booziness once Shiokaze Shibakuzo had warmed up. Like the nose, there was no distinctive bitterness from the hops, nor any stand out hop flavours in the beer.


Shiokaze Shibakuzo The Bottom Line

Shiokaze Shibakuzo is one for winter – bold, boozy, and sweet.

Where to Buy Shiokaze Shibakuzo

Shiokaze Shibakuzo can only be bought in bottles at Shiokaze BeerStand at the time of writing.

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