Kyoto Beer Lab Mind Warp by Kyoto Chabeer Brewing Company

Kyoto Beer Lab Mind Warp

Kyoto Beer Lab Mind Warp is an 8.5% double IPA from Kyoto Chabeer Brewing Company, based in Kyoto, in Kansai, Japan. It’s part of their regular lineup, and can be found both on-tap and also in bottles in some places. Kyoto Beer Lab Mind Warp is double dry-hopped, meaning two batches of hops are used post-fermentation, with those hops being Citra, El Dorado and Dr. Rudi.

Kyoto Beer Lab Mind Warp

Kyoto Beer Lab Mind Warp Aroma and Taste

Kyoto Beer Lab Mind Warp poured out a very lively golden amber colour with a huge fluffy white head on top that did not abate. It took a really long time to get through it, a spoon would have been helpful in getting some of it out of the glass to be honest. Kyoto Beer Lab Mind Warp had a distinct lemony and grapefruit nose first of all, followed by a dank resiny note with some hints of grassiness. It seems that the grassiness is an actual deliberate aroma with the Dr. Rudi hops, but not having heard of them before drinking the beer, I was initially skeptical of that aroma. Once the head had given up it’s fight, then a strong crystal caramel aroma from the malts came off, with a faint edge of the booziness of the alcohol.

The body was a tad yeasty to start off – I could even see bits of yeast floating in the bottle – so I am guessing that Kyoto Beer Lab Mind Warp is bottle conditioned, which would also go someway into explaining the liveliness of the beer. The bitterness was strong and punchy, with the citrus and piney notes coming along. There was a hint of weirdness to Kyoto Beer Lab Mind Warp as well – and not a pleasant one either. An alcohol heat was noted, with some hints of plastic coming through – a shame because as the beer got warmer, the plastic flavour became stronger, and lingered.

Kyoto Beer Lab Mind Warp The Bottom Line

Kyoto Beer Lab Mind Warp started off well, but as it warmed up, I didn’t want to drink it.

Where to Buy Kyoto Beer Lab Mind Warp

Kyoto Beer Lab Mind Warp can be found online at the following places:

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