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TY Harbor Brewery Information

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TY Harbor Brewery LogoLocated in Shinagawa, Tokyo, TY Harbor Brewery was one of the first breweries to participate in the brewpub movement in Japan, opening in 1997. One of only a few breweries now in the 23 wards of Tokyo, it came about without backing from a major brewery and is modelled on a West Coast American brewery restaurant. All of the TY Harbor restaurants and bars serve the beer as standard, such as Urban BBQ Smokehouse.

Edited: TY Harbor have also started selling their beers in bottled form online at their store here.

TY Harbor Brewery Line Up

The following beers are part of the all-year round lineup

TY Harbor Brewery Limited Edition and Seasonal Lineup

They also produce seasonal and limited editions beers throughout the year.


TY Harbor Brewery Information

Address: 2-1-6 Higashi-Shinagawa, Shinagawa Ward, Tokyo Metropolitan District

Phone: 03-5479-1686

Homepage (in Japanese): https://www.tysons.jp/brewery/

Online Store: https://www.tysons.jp/brewery/lineup/

SNS: Facebook

TY Harbor Brewery Articles

TY Harbor Brewery Review: https://beertengoku.com/2015/02/ty-harbor-brewery/

Urban BBQ Smokehouse review: https://beertengoku.com/2014/08/urban-bbq-smokehouse-tokyo/

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