Patreon Guide #11 – Okayama

Okayama Patreon Guide

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Craft Beer Shop Doppo in Okayama, Okayama

Craft Beer Shop Doppo・クラフトビアショップ独歩

Craft Beer Shop Doppo The Bottom Line If you don’t mind drinking in food court with screaming kids and stressed out families, then Craft Beer Shop Doppo is a top-notch little spot to get some early beers in when you’re in Okayama. As you’re also able to get beers to takeaway, it’s a good place to pick up some local …

Beer Island in Okayama, Okayama

Beer Island Front・麦酒島フロント

Beer Island The Bottom Line Despite Beer Island being in the red light district, or so it seemed, of Okayama, I thought Beer Island was one of the better places – if not best place – in Okayama for a couple of cold, craft beers. The inside does look like something out of Japanese snack bar – because it is, …

Craft Beer House Schlenkerla in Okayama, Okayama

Craft Beer House Schlenkerla Front・クラフトビアハウス シュレンケルラフロント

Craft Beer House Schlenkerla The Bottom Line Craft Beer House Schlenkerla is a quaint little craft beer that is more than just a bar based on a smoked beer. The atmosphere is warm and inviting, though the bar owner’s perchant for standing and not moving or talking is a little unnerving at times. However, it is a little on the …

Bakushu Shouten in Okayama, Okayama

Bakushu Shouten Front・麦酒商店フロント

Bakushu Shouten The Bottom Line Bakushu Shouten is a peculiar place and as I write this, I’m still in two minds whether I liked it or not as it ticked off both positives and negatives. It has craft beer on tap, with plenty of taps to choose from with a decent atmosphere going on, but the service was a bit …