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Two Rabbits Beer House in Omihachiman, Shiga

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Two Rabbits Beer House : The Bottom Line

I am a big fan of Two Rabbits Brewing Company that it would be hard for me not to be biased about Two Rabbits Beer House; however, it really does tick all the right boxes for what a beer bar should be – reasonably priced, great service, top notch beers, and a relaxing place to be. If you’re in the area, then Two Rabbits Beer House definitely has to be on your list of places to go to but just get there early so you can grab a seat in the corner.

Two Rabbits Beer House : The Full Review

Two Rabbits Beer House was the original goal of my cycle around Lake Biwa. If you haven’t checked out the report on Patreon, then do so. I have been meaning to come here for years, in fact, for so long that Sean, one of the owners of Two Rabbits Brewing Company, brought up that point when we met at Two Rabbits Beer House for its reopening under its new name. In early spring 2022, Two Rabbits decided to close their original tap room, aptly named The Rabbit Hatch, and to mothball it for a while. I’m guessing travel to Omihachiman was lower than usual, costs were rising, and it was easier to ship cans and kegs to other parts of Japan.

Two Rabbits Beer House is located on Omihachiman, but it’s a fair walk from the station, with it being around 3 kms, give or take a few hundred metres. I would suggest getting a bus if you can, or perhaps even a taxi; however, seeing as the bar is located in the more historical part of the town, then no doubt you’ll probably be in the area anyway for some sightseeing and after all that walking, you’re probably thirsty.

Two Rabbits Beer House : Atmosphere & Interior

Two Rabbits Beer House is located on the second floor of a small townhouse, with the first floor dedicated towards some local delicacies. As you enter the bar, you’re greeted by some amazing Japanese architecture and design that keeps the aesthetics of the inside of the building as they were meant to be shown. There are a few windows that let light in, but the original design of the building though meant there wasn’t a big need for them so it’s very easy to forget about the outside world unless you get one of the seats by the windows.


Inside there is space for around 26 people, with 20 people seated at the various benches and sofas / armchairs dotted around the bar, as well as 6 people at the counter. The whole place is non-smoking and also has no table charge either. It’s a fairly chilled place with some families popping in after a long day of touristy stuff, as well as some couples, and some single drinkers, like myself. In terms of wifi, there is apparently some, with the details usually posted on the wall closest to the taps and menus.

Two Rabbits Beer House : Beer & Tap Information

Seeing as Two Rabbits Beer House is the taproom for Two Rabbits Brewing Company, it makes sense that their beers are on sale here and they are – with 8 taps of beer on. The selection varies but you can get their main beers as well as specials and limited editions on tap here. The beers come in two sizes: half pint (240 ml) for ¥600, and US pint (470 ml) for ¥900, with some of the more limited beers being ¥100 extra. Two Rabbits Beer House also has the option for a takeaway beer of 330 ml for ¥600 along with the option of picking up some cans for consumption off site. The prices are reasonable and also include tax as well as the beers being very well poured and served.

Two Rabbits Beer House : Food Information

On the day I went to Two Rabbits Beer House, there was just some food on, with fish and chips, as well as chips, on the menu. However, Sean did mention that there is going to be an expansion of the menu as they’re working on training some new staff and coming up with some new items for the menu. The chips though were cooked to perfection, with a Belgian-style cooking to them, and the garlic aioli was brilliant.

Two Rabbits Beer House : Details

Two Rabbits Beer House : Location

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