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Yamanakaya in Hon-Atsugi, Kanagawa

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Yamanakaya is a small liquor / alcohol store in Hon-Atsugi that I came across while going to interview Mochizuki-san at Atsugi Beer. I have to admit, I wasn’t planning on finding a beer store as my mind was purely focussed on Lambic and trying some of the beers there but this was a diamond in the rough when it comes to Hon-Atsugi and craft beer. The area is located near a craft beer breweries with Atsugi Beer down the road, as well as Shonan Beer, Sankt Gallen, and also Sagami Beer in the area too so why there aren’t more bars or shops is beyond me.

Yamanakaya Beer 1

Most of Kanagawa’s breweries are represented here.

The store is located within the station on the south exit. Yamanakaya stocks both Japanese craft beer and also sake but it was the former that I was most interested in. The range of breweries at the store is primarily directed towards Kanagawa based breweries such as Sankt Gallen, Sagami Beer, though there were some breweries further afield with Yo-Ho Brewing, Ginga Kogen, and Karuizawa Brewing also available as well. While it wasn’t the biggest range of beers on sale, it was nice to find something to drink besides Kirin and Asahi at the station. Though with Atsugi Beer just down the road, why their beers weren’t stock was beyond me.

Yamanakaya Details

Open: 10:00 ~ 21:00

Close: If the department store is closed, then the shop is closed.


Phone: 046-230-3265

Homepage (in Japanese): http://www.yamanakaya-sake.com/shop.html

How to Get to Yamanakaya

The Millard branch of Yamanakaya is located on B1 of  the department store building next to Hon-Atusgi station which is on the Odakyu line.

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